Her: Doesn’t it bother you at all? It’s been so long.

She: Of course it does! It’s killing me inside. But what can I do? I was too late.

Her: Well, you were a real bitch anyways. I don’t blame him.

She: Anyways, he just suddenly turned distant and practically disappeared just when I was ready to drop it all and take the plunge for him. So maybe he was really just playing with me…

Her: C’mon. You know he’s not that kind of person.

She: Yea, I know… But it’s always better to think the worst of the person if you don’t want to hold on.

Her: It’s been so many years. Doesn’t it mean anything?

She: It does. It’s killing me. I miss him so much.

Her: Omg. Don’t cry. Let’s watch some meaningless chick flicks.