5 Signs To Stop Giving A Shit

Sometimes there are people who you really don’t know why you bother so much about.

1. There are others with a “better offer” 

Much like a job… Yes.

There are actually people who will run towards you and promise to treat you better than you’ve been treated.

2. No matter what shit they do, you ALWAYS defend them 
It is almost like they can do no wrong. 
Even when you know what they did was shitty… but when someone else insults them… 
3. Even when they hurt you, you’re always TOO READY to forgive them 
And honestly, it just makes you look like an idiot. 
Everyone else sees it- everyone else calls you stupid. 
But hey, you believe what you want to.
4. You go running to their aid every time you hear a cry 
And coo and go, “Aww, baby… It’s going to be okay…” 
5. And as if all those pathetic things weren’t enough… You still wait around for them to contact you anyway. 
Every time the phone beeps and your heart jumps in anticipation, but in the end gets disappointed? 
That feeling is not cool
And even though there are others out there who love you unconditionally… Because of that one person, you think that you’re worthless. 
Because honestly right? If the one whom you love so much doesn’t even love you… Who else would?
And I regret gobbling down this fast food meal. 
I better head down to the cafe for some greens. 
Burp. Damn I feel like shit. 

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