She: So even if I gave it all up, he still wouldn’t want to work things out anyway.

Her: Omg, baby. Are you okay?

She: No, it really hurts… I was really looking forward to it.

Her: Well, it’s not that you’re unwanted.

She: So why doesn’t the one I want, want me?

Her: …..

She: I should just grab onto whatever that wants me, right? I’m so fucking undesirable. I was ready to give him everything. Fuck.

Her: Time to let go, baby. You love him, he doesn’t love you.

She: *uncontrollable tears*

Her: But a lot of other people love you! Other guys dying to love you, the dog loves you, I love you!

She: I love you too.

Because sometimes you don’t get a second chance. The painful lesson lives with you as a reminder of what not to do again. It hurts like a bitch, but at least you got to experience sheer happiness for a moment in your life. Things aren’t bad, reality is pretty good too- even though you cannot find a way to love it like you naturally did before. But well, life goes on.