MH370, Please Be Safe…

I’m truly devastated and somehow affected by the news of MH370.
For those who haven’t heard the news yet, read it up here.

People really need to stop blaming anyone else for what has happened. Nothing is yet confirmed, everyone is just speculating like mad right now- so there’s no right for any blame. You weren’t on the plane, you don’t know what happened. I don’t understand why people are blaming the pilot when he is in danger as well. Imagine the trauma his loved ones must be going through and some baboon people blame them for the incident. Hello, they’re also going through the same shit as you- have a heart.

Please just focus your energy into praying for the best for them; there’s nothing else left to be done. If they survived, the entire world would burst in joy. However if they don’t, sadly… Everyone dies one day. Sure, it sucks to go like that- but it’s kind of fate, isn’t it? It doesn’t help you when you try to pin the blame on someone; death is just a part of the human life.

I’m reminded that I should never take for granted every time I traveled and landed safely. None of us should ever take this for granted.

It’s a very haunting idea that your loved one might or might not be alive out there somewhere. And when you’ll find closure; or if you’ll find it at all- it’s just impossible to say.

And thank God for those caregivers and volunteers who went down to Beijing to give comfort to anguished family members and friends.

Mark keeps on telling me that there’s a high chance that there’s no hope; he even gave me statistical numbers. :\ But I’m an idealist, I want to believe that there’s hope somewhere. And for as long as there isn’t a confirmation that they’re dead, I’m going to pray for them all to go home safe & sound.

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