My First Time To Yoga

I found this place that offered yoga and decided to give it a try. I called the place, booked a mat and was pretty excited to get started.

When I got there, everyone just seemed to friggin’ serene for some reason. Maybe it’s the whole yoga vibe thing.

Get this- I was rushing in, with my heels. Going click-click-clack-clack… And everyone just turned to look. Then I realised I wasn’t being zen enough for the environment. Sorry, total noob here.

So I sat on the bench, filling out my registration form and tried to think calming thoughts.

…didn’t entirely work for me. I had heaps of stuff to stress about. 
The lady at the registration was super nice and soon enough I was whisked away to change to get ready for class. 🙂 
Upon entering the shower area, there were so many people… So I asked one of the girls,
Me: Does this place have another area where I can change? 
And one of them got all bitchy, “Weeellllll, if you dare- you can change in front of us. We won’t judge.” 
Then she and her friend burst out in giggles, whispers and kept on looking at me like this… 
I was game. I changed in front of them, without having to reveal anything much- it’s an IJ girl thing. 
Some other girls told them to shut up, by that time I had already finished changing. 
Then they continued, “We eat salad and steamed white meat ONLY… What about you?”
Me: I enjoy my pizza and delivery of McDonald’s. 
Girls: Ha, explains your figure. 
So I went… 
Me: Well, at least I have a pretty face. I just need to work out. You poor things need plastic surgery. Aww. 
Then I just walked out to class. 
So bitches aside, class was pretty fun. Most of my time I was sweating profusely… I had no idea stretching could be so tiring. 
And being in awe of my instructor’s flexibility. I had no idea the human body could bend in such ways. Wow. 
After the whole class, I swear I was dead tired. I actually took a taxi home.
Anyways, if you’re wondering about those bitches in the shower area- I’m hardly affected. I don’t even remember their faces or anything. And some other girls told me to ignore them, they like to size up newbies. 
I really liked the class though. 🙂 I’ll definitely be going again. And next time, Lil said she’ll go with me. 
Can’t wait for next class! 

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