Miracles Happen

A turn of events turned out rather…. dramatically, to say the least.

But I did what I had to. And that’s all that matters.

And to be entirely honest, I don’t really feel upset or anything. I actually feel a sense of relief that I had the guts to do what I had. *pats myself on my back*

It was actually turning out to be quite an awful day and I didn’t really have anyone to talk to. 😦

Some friends were busy and asked if it was anything important, I’d just say, “No, just something stupid…”

I couldn’t flag down a single taxi. It was really beginning to frustrate me. I even just started standing one corner and didn’t even bother anymore. I needed time to digest what had just happened.

I even called for a taxi booking, but that dude got lost and screamed at me over the phone for giving him a false booking. So that didn’t turn out too well. And the other 2 taxi bookings screwed up somehow.

NO TAXIS stopped for me on the road.

Friends who wanted to come pick me up suddenly couldn’t make it somehow.

I swear I thought God hated me or something.

But there was one taxi that I managed to book… That man was an angel.

He helped me into his taxi and he probably saw my expression, he started cracking a lot of jokes. I literally burst out in genuine laughter… Which I haven’t in the longest time. 🙂

He told me that life is like that, you make bad choices which you thought were good- but hey, you learn. And he looked at me through his mirror, “Looking at you, you’re too good for it.”

“I’ve been around a long time and I’ve seen a lot of people. I can see you’re not easy to handle, even though you might seem like you are.”

“You’re like a lethal weapon. If you have a bad person handling you, you just end up doing bad… So you need to look for someone good and capable enough to handle you.”

I cheered up SO MUCH.

Omg. I’m so grateful now.


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