What Happened When I Went Prawning

So the boyfriend made me cancel my eyelash appointment last minute…

Which really pissed me because I keep on doing it for him and I incur SO MUCH late cancellation charges, I swear the beauticians there either hate me for being so inconsistent or love me for the extra cash they earn. 


Well, he wanted to bring me prawning.

The only other time I went prawning with my Groupon team was… Well, I wasn’t prawning. I spent most of my time chatting, taking pictures, slicing up worms and baiting the hooks. I didn’t catch a single prawn.

So I didn’t really go “prawning”…

Mark was all excited about the whole prawning thing.

I was really just, “Well, okay… I’d really prefer to be in an air-conditioned place. But okay…”
Yes, I’m spoiled. I’ve been told countless times.

Anyways, I really needed something to get my mind off some stuff. So prawning sounded pretty fun.

I just sat there and within 2 minutes…


Everyone else who was standing there for a much longer time looked with sad yet indignant eyes at my prawn.

I totally had this moment…

Out of everyone… ME!!

And I just seemed to be really lucky. Everyone else just stood there, but hardly anything…

I sat there, using my phone half the time… And I caught more prawns than the dude that brought his own special rod. I felt kind of guilty…

Sometimes I’ll be distracted and he alerted me that my bait has a prawn on it. And I just felt…

Sorry, dude…

Overall, I have grown to kind of like prawning. Like, when you manage to get a bite and the adrenaline surge through you is insane!

But there was once I missed a bite… That prawn actually ate the bait and swam off!

And I totally went like this…

I feel embarrassed about myself now…

Overall, I think Mark and I did a good job. And I caught even more prawns than him! MUAHAHAHA

I had fun. Yay yay! I even named the prawns I caught. They were Prawnsy #1, Prawnsy #2… etc.

No, I couldn’t tell them apart.


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