Just recently I went through a period of sudden unemployment.


It was a little dramatic and my friends love to hear the story, but I’ll just keep it short & sweet here.

I just couldn’t bring myself to agree with how some company practices were carried out. I tried to change things, but it didn’t work out. So I decided to bow out.

Some might call me rigid. Some might call me bold. I’m sorry, it’s just the way I am.

I look at it this way- I’m selling hours of my life to you and I want to do something ethical at the very least with my life. So if I don’t think things are decent, I’m out.

After I gave my letter of resignation, I immediately did this to myself.

It took quite a bit of guts for me to tender.

Why? Simple.

I just left my previous company for this job offer. I was barely in that company for 2-3 months. Geez.

And once I packed my things…

I contacted some of my closest friends immediately and they ALL went…

Well, all of them were extremely supportive of my resignation.

“Babe, you need to get out of that place NOW! It’s bloody evil!”
“You didn’t leave Groupon for this… Don’t waste your time anymore.”

Couple of comments friends told me that really nudged me.

So I was lounging around at home… Being a real hobo.

This was pretty much me during that time.

I slept in as late as I wanted, I managed to get some work out done, I read my books… And if I wasn’t, I’ll be catching up on some of my favourite shows.

Then as time went by, I felt really useless.

Y’see, I’m used to working. Sure I enjoy my rest and all- but I need to be working.

Plus, I hated to see the numbers in my savings account bleed away…

So I started looking for jobs and I was really careful this time about where I went. The previous job I kinda hopped over in a haste, but I learned my lesson…

Every potential employer required strict consideration! Didn’t want to make the same mistake twice… So I was always weighing the factors with either Lily or Mark.

And within lesser than half a month, I landed myself a spot back in the workforce.

First day of work… I WAS ON FIRE!!!

No, kidding…

Because I was so used to sleeping all day long, I actually got exhausted pretty quickly.

Thanks to all my friends who entertained my bouts of “OMG I’M POOR & USELESS TO SOCIETY”…

I really owe you guys a treat. Lol.

Work has been good so far! 🙂 Thanks everyone for your undying faith in me; even when I didn’t believe in myself.

So my rest didn’t last long. Other people usually enjoy a full month of hobo-ing, I had 2 weeks. Bah.

Back to work.