12 Things About My Work Spouse

Work spouses- the only legit other half in your life that doesn’t require legal documentation and doesn’t entail a sin as bad as cheating on your actual other half.

My work spouse is someone I actually hold quite dear to my heart right now. 🙂 We might not have known each other for a super long time and hardly have the time now for each other, but she’s awesome.

1. She Was The One I LEAST Expected 

How true. Our first encounter was quite unfortunate. Y’see she was new in the team and I happened to be on MC. She didn’t really have a seat available for her just yet, so she was given my seat as a temporary spot.

However the next day when I returned and saw someone sitting on my seat, I was really bitchy and possessive.

So while she was frantically packing her stuff to move away, I glared at her. Till now, she still remembers me as quite a fierce bitch.

I had other people I was close to at work, so I certainly didn’t expect that SHE was going to be my work spouse.

2. Countless Times, I Actually Wanted To Throttle Her

Because she could be SO BLOODY ANNOYING! Omg.

But that’s the thing when you’re so close to someone, you see their sickening quirks too. However I slowly learned to love her for them.

3. If She Was Upset Or Whatever, People Left It Up To Me To Make Her Happy 

Well, of course I would. I love that girl.

4. Taking MC For No Good Reason Was A Cardinal Sin 

There has to an absolutely LEGIT reason. Like life or death.

Honestly after we got closer, I actually didn’t feel like taking MC over small ailments anymore. Like, if I still can move about and get on the train to work- I’ll do it.

5. She Was My Go-To Place Whenever I Needed To Vent 

Usually work-related matters… Because lets face it- she understood better than anyone.

And most of the time, she feels the same way. So I don’t feel so bad.

5. I Always Loved Annoying The Shit Out Of Her 

It was actually one of the good parts of my work day. 😀

6. She Memorized My Reactions Whenever I’m Genuinely Amused Over Something 

And she can demo it too.

Apparently, I’m like some crazy-clapping-epileptic-seal. -.-

7. We Always Asked Each Other Dumb Questions About Work, So That Others Won’t Judge Us

Sometimes they’re REALLY dumb and we know we’ll just be ignored or something.

8. We Always Entertained Each Other On Group Chats 

Ever had moments when you cracked a really lame joke and no one else seems to be amused… Like, AT ALL? 😦

Well, work spouse comes in and just pretends to FREAKING amused.

9. She Always Reminded Me To Stick To My Diets 

Just the THOUGHT of wanting to have fast food for lunch was be killed by her.

…unless we were having a really bad day. Then we deserved some self-hating food.

10. I Actually Cried On My Last Day When I Gave Her A Hug Goodbye

It was really quite heart-wrenching… And I almost wanted to un-resign, if possible. LOL.

Like, run to HR and go, “HA! Bet you thought that was a real resignation letter! HA!”

Okay, I actually miss a lot of people there. Omg.

11. I Still Look Forward To Chatting With Her On A Daily Basis At My New Office 

Even if we’re both busy and don’t say anything much, it’s just nice knowing she’s still ‘Online’. 🙂

So even till now, she still knows whatever that’s happening with me.

12. She Is No Longer Just An Ex-Colleague, She Is Literally A Friend 

Trust me when I say- it’s RARE to find friends once you leave school. The corporate world is entirely different.

🙂 And despite our rocky start, I’m glad we are where we are at.

I miss you soooo much, Pika-Chue! 😦

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