12 Things That Happen When Your Air-Conditioning Goes Down

Well, for hot country like Singapore… The first thing you do is…

1. Totally Freak Out 
Because it is quite a terrible ordeal to go through, actually… Once you’re so accustomed to the pleasures of life.

2. You Try DESPERATELY To Somehow Bring It Back To Life 
Wash the filters, turn it on & off a million times, change the remote batteries… ANYTHING!!!

3. Then You Realise It’s Something You Cannot Fix Alone…
You need to call a professional down or something. And that’s going to take TIME. Therefore, you’re going to have to go about your day without cool air.

4. So You Call Up The Air-Con Man, Who Is NEVER Available Soon Enough
No matter what, he simply cannot be there on the day itself.

5. And Suddenly The Fan Doesn’t Seem To Be Such A Bad Thing After All
Well, of course the air-con still feels better…

6. When Someone Asks, “How Are You?” 

7. You Actually Become SUPER Cranky & Bitchy 
I went all bitch-mode when the cashier couldn’t get my order right the first time. Very ugly.

8. Literally. EVERYTHING And ANYTHING Could Spark You Off
9. The Hours To When The Air-Con Man Can Finally Come Seems Like FOREVER…
10. You Actually Find Yourself Loving The Frozen Section Of The Supermarket More
11. And Suddenly This Doesn’t Seem Like Such A Crazy Thing To Do Anymore 
In fact, you’ll probably do it in a heart beat. 
12. And As Soon As The Air-Conditioning Is Fixed…
Pure utter bliss. 

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