Product Review – Cielo Home Hair Dye

I have a problem that I’ve been suffering from since a tender…tender age. 

Well, for as long as I could remember- I’ve been growing white hair.

And no, I doubt it’s out of wisdom. Most likely it’s genetic, because my beloved daddykins had the same problem.

F**k you, genetics. But I love my daddy to bits.

So I go for hair dying at salons on a pretty frequent basis… but it can really burn holes in my pocket. Plus the time spent in the salons is like robbing me of my life sometimes.

I can spend about 3 hours in a salon getting my hair coloured.

Wtf. I can get room service in a hotel faster than that. (And we all know how slow that can be.)

So I look out for easy-to-use home hair dyes that are good enough for touch-ups! That day this little baby caught my eye; so decided to just give it a shot.

What REALLY caught my eye 😀

So here’s what I have to say about this product:

1. The Smell Isn’t So Bad 

Which is a huge plus.

The smell of hair dyes can so utterly intoxicating and downright suffocating. I felt that this one was pretty bearable.

2. It’s Actually Quite Easy To Apply 

I expected it to be really torturous on my arms, but this one has a special comb that makes everything easier!

So really, props to the designer of that comb. 🙂

3. The Waiting Time Is A Lot Faster 

Other home dyes take about a good 30 minutes to set. And by then, your room is filled with that choking smell and sometimes I can feel little stings on my scalp.

This one took only 15 minutes. It was pretty much done by the time I finished playing Scramble With Friends! 😀

4. Not A Very Thorough Job…

I guess if you’re doing this to cover your white/grey hair, you really need someone to help you out. Getting to ALL the areas is simply impossible unless you have eyes at the back of your head…

There are still some parts that weren’t properly covered. So now I gotta flick my hair in strategic manners.

5. Really Does Cover Up The White/Grey Hairs! 


Usually for home dyes, they don’t really cover the white/grey hairs- instead they just make them into a really light shade of brown. But after a few days, the whites (at least the ones I managed to reach on my own) are still nicely covered.

I’m actually SUPER happy about this.

Will I buy it again? 
Well, sure. But only if I have someone to help me do it. Mark seems pretty keen…
What’s the price like? 
Honestly I forgot the exact amount, but I believe it was around SGD20. 
Oh yes, tip to all… 
I thought my box didn’t include a pair of gloves even though it said it did. I was searching through the box like I was looking for gold and even tore in apart… 
But the gloves are actually hidden in the Japanese instructions manual… Which was really the last thing I opened.
Sneaky, sneaky…
If you know any better brands for home hair dye, PLEASE let me know! I’m still keeping a keen lookout. 🙂 

2 responses to “Product Review – Cielo Home Hair Dye”

  1. hi,im using this product too for my greys and its awsome. Only one thing that i need to know is how long to i have to touch up again using this product. Do i have to wait for at least two weeks before reapplying again. Thank you so much. 😀


    • Hi Halia! Hmm I typically wait till I can see the white roots again to touch up. Usually it’s about every 3-4 weeks~ hope this helps 😊


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