13 Types of Bosses

Having slogged in the work force for a few years now (does a rugged-ish pose)… Plus now whenever my friends & I meet up, we usually bitch about work.

There are SO MANY types of bosses- but I cannot emphasise strongly enough how important a GOOD boss is. Literally more important than your job itself, I assure you.

So lets get started.

1. The Ice Queen/King 

Elsa from ‘Frozen’ might have frozen his/her heart.

Literally zilch compassion for any subordinates. They don’t care if you & your entire family is dying- just make sure you get what they want done right.

2. The Loving Parent 
There’s always one that seems to have a maternal clock gone crazy. And this isn’t only for women; there are some male superiors like that as well. 
They’ll take care of you & sometimes even treat you like their own 5-year-old. Probably even making sure that your lunch has a good dietary balance as well. 

3. The One That’s Never There

You don’t even see him/her in the office. Always out at some meeting, seminar, convention… blah blah blah. It’s like your boss is this empty office with a big chair.

He/she could come right up to you and you’ll be all…

4. The Slave-Driver 

You’re required to report to work early and leave work super late! Ooh, and it’s a lunch HOUR. Not lunch-1 hour 5 minutes… 1 HOUR ONLY.

They literally think that because they give you a salary, they own you.

5.The Micro-Manager 

Sometimes there’s a hierarchy; so your boss has a boss as well. But sometimes the big boss likes to come down straight to you to get things done, and sometimes it contradicts what your direct boss wants.

It can get really messy and at the end of the day… You get all the shit. It sucks.

6. The Judgmental One 
You thought those days in school when those bitches judged you about everything were over? Think again when you meet this one. 
They’ll comment (often insults or sarcastic remarks) on your attire, the food you’re having for lunch, the way you do your work… Whatever they can get their paws on. 
7. The Quiet One 
If it wasn’t for HR introducing him/her as your boss, you probably wouldn’t have noticed that little mouse in the corner. You’ll probably think of him/her as some socially awkward loser. 
And even during meetings, he/she doesn’t really say much except the occasional sounds he/she emits to show his/her presence. 
8. The “God” 
Literally- he/she thinks that he/she is omnipotent. Maybe by installing cameras and speakers all over just to know what the others are up to… And he/she requires huge ego boosting at all times in order for you to stay alive. 
And he/she feels that whatever words that might utter out of his/her mouth, is LAW. 
9. The Know-It-All (But Doesn’t) 
Y’know the type that thinks that they know everything about everything
Then when they realise they made a mistake or something, they don’t take it too nicely… They might even try to somehow twist things to make it seem like they knew about it already. 
10. The Upper-Downer 
By that I mean, he/she really puts himself/herself on top of you. 
If possible, maybe even build a higher stand for his/her table above the rest. 
11. The Friendless One 
This is really quite sad… but there are people out there who focused so much on their careers that they don’t have friends. 
Or maybe just because they have annoying personalities and no one wants to be their friend. Whatever.
So they feel like since they’re your boss, you should be their ‘friend’ as well. Which can be really awkward…
12. The Commander 
One that is super strict and doesn’t take any shit. 
It’s like working in an army. Probably even have to polish your shoes everyday before reporting for morning assembly or something…
13. The Softie 
Something like the parent that spares the rod… No matter what nonsense & no matter how many times you did it; just look apologetic, promise to repent and all is forgiven. 
Usually always getting taken advantage of… but oh well. 
There are definitely more bosses out there which I have yet to encounter or hear about… But all in all, I’ve realised that having a good boss is really important. 
Like I said on top- even more important than your job itself. 
When it comes down to everything, it’s really how your leader is like. You can be doing crappy work, but if your boss is able to motivate you well and keep you going… Every work day can be like a TGIF. 🙂

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