#DareToBeGorgeous SkinnyMint: Week 1

So- yes, I bought into the whole craze about this SkinnyMint thing.

With the fact that since I got attached to Mark, I gained a whopping 20kg. (That being said, my dear boyfriend, I hereby reject all marriage proposals until I lose weight. Lest I cannot fit through the door of our new home after marriage if you continue to fatten me up at this rate.)

And also that I have an awful case of constipation… I figured, why not?

So this is my virgin week trying this baby out…

So according to the package…

The Morning Boost promises to Increase Energy, Burn Fat and Reduce Appetite.
It’s supposedly a little fruity… Which is a flavour of drinks I’m not in favour of. But oh well.

The Night Cleanse promises to Reduce Bloating, Improve Digestion and Lose Weight; this is to be taken on alternate nights only though.

Day #1 to #7

Increase Energy: 
Okay, there are mornings in the office when I simply cannot take it… It feels like someone hung 100kg on my eyelids. Technically speaking, yes… My lids should’ve been ripped apart.

But I’m speaking in metaphoric terms. Super sleepy… Zzzzzz….

I still suffer from my morning pains of getting out of bed… It literally takes both my cats to get me out of bed. And sometimes along with the help of Mark. Milkie bites my toes, Oreo meows away loudly while Mark actually yanks me out of my bed.

BUT! When it comes to mornings in the office, I must say that really do feel a lot more energetic. 😀

And best part of it all- I don’t even need my coffee anymore! I drink it out of ritual sake… Simply because I finally mastered that bloody complicated coffee machine and the combination of coffee browns & white milk in a glass cup is crazy pretty to me. ❤ ❤ Haha!

Burn Fat:
Don’t really notice much difference… but a colleague did comment that I seemed to have slimmed down.

…then immediately after that, I rewarded myself with an ice-cream.

Reduce Appetite:
Hmm… I still eat about the same amount during my usual meals.Which people do consider a lot for a girl…

So no one really saw a reduce in my appetite. I was still happily ordering my favourites during lunchtime and pigging out during the weekends.

But actually… My appetite really did drop.

Y’see, on my desk I have a line of pictures of my loved ones, some cute toys here & there, tissue box, stationery, piles of paper, a hugeass telephone, some bikinis and… LOTS OF SNACKS.

Every time I head down to Daiso, I will buy those biscuits and usually I’d go through 1 pack in a week… Minimum! Because I get really hungry by 4PM.

Over the weekend, I stocked up on my emergency food (it’s hard to actually really get food in an industrial park during non-lunch hours) at Daiso and expected to have to head back this weekend again. But noooo…. *pleasantly surprised!* I didn’t even go through ONE SINGLE packet of biscuits. Heck, I didn’t even go through half!

Super proud of myself, please. Thanks.

Could also be due to all my meetings both in & out of the office… but whatever. Underline is, I don’t feel like snacking so much anymore. And it’s actually a lot easier for me to stop eating at a meal and say, “Nope, enough. I’m already full.” And just leave whatever left on my plate.

Yea, okay… Starving kids in Africa and whatever, right? *rolls eyes*

Continue this analogy and we’ll have obesity in Singapore.

Reduce Bloating:
Yes, there’s a slight effect.

But in full honesty, not as good an effect as I hoped for. 😦 Nevertheless, it’s still only the first week!

I will continue hoping!!! *optimistic pose*

Improve Digestion:
My days have gotten a heck load shittier…

But the weird thing is, they’re usually in really small amounts. :\ So I keep on heading to the loo to poop, within the time frame of a long pee.

Given that, my digestive system on its own is horrible… Really. And I don’t understand why. I can eat vegetables like a cow eats grass and still have problem doing my business. Sheesh.

So in a way, the tea is actually helping in a rather gradual manner.

Lose Weight:
Ah, the most ideal result.

Okay, so this is going to take a little bit of a confession…

One morning I overslept for work, so I was really in a crazy frenzy. I remember I had something to attend to that morning…

So anyways, I just slipped on the dress I hung up the night before and dashed out of the house!

Everything was okay… but as I walked to the bus stop and everything, I noticed people always staring at my sides and some lustrous assholes even whistled.

When I finally got to my office building lift, I looked at myself in the mirror… OMG THE SIDE OF MY DRESS IS UNZIPPED!!!!!

So basically… Yes. My side-view; from bra to panties was fully visible for that 30 minutes I took to get to work. All I can say is, I’m glad I wore nice lingerie.

Anyways! So I looked at myself in HORROR in the mirror and thought immediately, “Oh shit! This is the dress that requires some work to zip up! It’s tight!!!”

But low & behold…. ziiiiip! And it was up! No need for me to suck in or whatever! *claps*

And I did a little record of my weight… Yup! I dropped 1.6KG in this week! Plus I skipped yoga too…

Not bad, not bad.


I can’t wait to see what happens towards the end of this 28 Day Detox!


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