Cat Litter Box’s Recipe

As much as I love my boys very much… They can be a real disaster when they get to a place.

They jump around, destroy things… Much like two Stitches terrorizing a city together.

So Mark and I keep them both in the room at all times. At least the amount of damage possible is controlled.

Being so, the litter box is also in the room.

I invested in a rather atas litter box… *beams proudly* It has it’s own odor control jazz, blah blah blah… It cost me $200. Rationale behind it is; it must be good somewhat!

And it is! My litter box has served me very well. I’m very pleased! 😀

However… Any cat owner would know that the litter box itself isn’t the most important thing here…

The actual litter itself rules the game.

So I tried numerous types, brands, scents… Went through a whole lot of trouble. Even fell horribly sick a few times! 😦 It was actually quite a torturous trial & error.

But in the end I must say Mark and I finally found a concoction that we both absolutely love!! Oh, so relieved.

And I realized that I’m not the only one!

There are a lot of cat owners who face the same problem- they need to keep their cats in one place and the litter box really stinks the whole place up!

So here’s my little recipe to a decent-smelling litter box. 
And mind you, this litter box is literally at the foot of my bed. So I actually sleep with the smell. 
My recipe is really a mixture of two types of litter & one important tool.

Litter Type 1: Odourlock 

This one is a whole lot of grey sand that clumps up together when moisture hits it. So it’s great for the pee! It absorbs right up and clumps up together really nicely.

Super easy to scoop up! 

Litter Type 2: KitCat

Tried a few of their “flavors” and found to love lemon the best! ❤ ❤ It really cancels out whatever smell there is. What I love most is… The Odourless doesn’t exactly work too well with poop. 😦 
But with KitCat, it sticks onto the poop itself and covers the pungent smell! 
So why don’t I just use KitCat litter alone? 
Tried it… It doesn’t work as well with pee somehow. 
Therefore this combination is AWESOME!!!

Tool: Charcoal Bag
This baby here works wondersssss! I even recommend it to my dog-owner friends who complain about their dogs’ pan smell. 
Y’see, the nature of charcoal is that it practically drinks in whatever smell there is around. That’s why people put these bags in refrigerators, cars, closets… They’re really good! 
So at the ventilation part of my litter box, I put the charcoal bag right on top! That way, whatever smell that didn’t get trapped by Odourlock or Kit Cat, will be absorbed by this! 
Usually I just pop down to Daiso and grab some. I recommend a change every 2 months! It can’t possibly last forever. 😉 
People who visit still say my room smells of animal… but then again, that’s quite expected. 
The important thing is that I’m able to live with the smell. And because of this concoction that I FINALLY perfected… To me, my room is literally like a field of flowers! 
Okay, that’s extremely subjective. I’m a highly biased person. 
Alright, that’s it for today.

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