#DareToBeGorgeous SkinnyMint: Week 2

My SkinnyMint journey continues!

So week 2 got a little shitty… 

Day #8 to #14

Increase Energy: 
A definite yes! It has gotten a tad easier to drag my unwilling sleepy corpse out of bed every morning. 

I’m a whole lot perkier 🙂 I’ll usually start getting really productive only after lunch… So I always did less ‘brain-required’ stuff in the morning. But now I can even attend to those brainiac tasks first. MUAHAHA. 

Burn Fat:
Hmm… Not really, to be honest. Things seem to be pretty much the same. 


Reduce Appetite:
Oh! Oh! I’m super proud of this! 

During this week, I didn’t even finish my meals half the time. In the past I’ll just finish whatever that was on my plate. 

But now, I simply eat till I’m satisfied and it has become a whole lot easier to just put my utensils down and say, “I’ve had enough.” 

I admit when I see the $1 ice-cream uncle, I still succumb to the little treat. *guilty look* 

Reduce Bloating:
Actually, yes! 

Last week I was still feeling a little bloated and uncomfortable. 😦 

Then this week… It has improved quite a bit. Don’t have that stuffed up feeling anymore. But that could also be due to the fact that the appetite to eat as much as possible. 

Improve Digestion:
Totally shitty. 

Literally, okay. 

I’ve been shitting a whole lot! On a usual day I’d do my morning poop that usually takes quite a long time… Now I just shit a lot faster, and a lot more regularly. 

So much so that I went to make my own personal copy of the female toilet key in the office. Bad experience. Once I needed to shit and another female colleague got the toilet key… So I had to wait for what felt like forever to relieve myself. 

Lose Weight:

Nope, not this week. 

Sad. 😦 

From this week’s experience, I guess the only benefit I’m reaping from this SkinnyMint is that I’m a lot more alert at work- which is really important actually. 
The weight loss isn’t really happening… I’m quite disappointed. But, meh. What do you expect? Plus I fell ill and didn’t attend yoga again. My sole source of exercise. 
I’m halfway through this! So lets just see how it goes next week. 😉 

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