#DareToBeGorgeous SkinnyMint: Week 3

Time really flies! I’m almost completing this course of 28 days!

Day #15 to #21

Increase Energy: Somehow not so much this week. I do get my refreshing feeling in the mornings still, but in the afternoon everything just goes completely downhill and ka-boom! I need to jab some buttons on the coffee machine if not my boss will be jabbing me from my sleep. 

I was actually on an international phone call and I fell asleep for a good few seconds. 

Caller: Hello? Geraldine?

Me: ….. (dozing off already, only about 25% awake)

Caller: Geraldine!! Can you hear me?

Me: Ah! Yes, yes. Sorry, I was thinking about something. 

I wasn’t lying per se… I was really thinking about how I could finish this conversation and head to the pantry for my much-required hot cup of coffee. 

Burn Fat:
Not much on this front. Everything is just pretty much the same.

Reduce Appetite:
My overall appetite has gone down! Yay! *claps* 

Last time I used to have this thing that I’ll need a main dish AND a side/dessert to complete my meal. But now I don’t really need it. Sometimes I still do think about it- but then I’ll really think twice about it first.

Reduce Bloating:
Nope. I actually feel more bloated compared to last week. 😦

Improve Digestion:
Definite yes on this one! Somehow even though I feel bloated, my visits to the loo for some mudpie bombings have been more regular than usual. But it’s not those that come with a laxative effect- so that’s a huge plus!

Lose Weight:

Maintained this week. I actually expected to gain! I didn’t go for yoga for a while now, I’ve been meeting friends for sinful meals… 

So I guess in a way, I “lost” whatever I was supposed to gain. 

Right now if you asked me if I regret buying this product, I’m actually more inclined to say, ‘Yes’… 
I guess I really expected more; what with all the hype plus the fact that it isn’t all that cheap. 
One more week to go! Lets see how this baby finishes off. 🙂 

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