#DareToBeGorgeous SkinnyMint: Week 4

Wow, time really just swooped by. So yes, I have completed my entire 28 Day Detox with SkinnyMint! 🙂

And here’s how my 4th week went…

Day #22 to #28

Increase Energy: 
Hmm, I actually do feel a lot perkier in the morning. Absolutely no more coffee required! *claps* Great progress from week 1! 😀 
Burn Fat:
People did comment that I seemed to have slimmed down… But I honestly don’t see much of a difference myself. *pinches flabby tummy* Nope, still the same.

Reduce Appetite:

Definite, yes! Now it’s actually a norm that I have food leftover on my plate simply because I’m satisfied and just don’t want to finish everything. 🙂

Reduce Bloating:

Well, I’m not farting as much as before. So I guess that’s a pretty good thing! 
Improve Digestion:

Not so much here. I still feel mighty constipated… I’ve been having digestive problems for the longest time now. It did help initially, but I guess my body built immunity against it and simply didn’t work anymore.

Lose Weight:

I mainly fluctuated around the same weight- nothing really lost there… 😦 *glares angrily at my weighing scale*



Nothing really great actually.


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