#DareToBeGorgeous SkinnyMint: Questions Answered!

While I was doing the 28 Day Detox SkinnyMint, I received heaps of questions from friends & readers alike about my experience.

First off- I’m so flattered that I have more than my friends reading my blog. *proudly beams*

Most of the questions were really quite similar, so I basically just picked out 8 questions that pretty much will give everyone a good picture of my SkinnyMint experience! 🙂

Easy reading for everyone! YAY!

1. Did you have any positive/negative side effects?
Honestly, I really enjoyed the whole morning perk-me-up. It’s a great alternative to the caffeine that I gulp down like I breath air. 
Another thing I noticed was that my skin actually improved! *does the boing-boing thing on my chubby cheek* 
I used to have the occasional pimple visits; especially when my dear cats sleep ON MY FACE!! *sobs* But lately my skin has been so clear that I even received compliments from a beautician about my skin! 
…or maybe she was just trying to make me buy something. 
But yes, on my own- I think it really did help. Not even much of a need to apply those facial masks anymore!  

2. Did it really help you lose weight? 
In the beginning, it helped me shed pounds super easily. 
But then I figured that it was probably only water weight. After losing about 2KG, my weight just maintained the same throughout. 

3. Did anyone notice you lost weight? 
A couple of people did say that I seemed to have slimmed down… *happy dance* But then there are also some that were all, “Huh? Got meh?” And gives me the critical look-over. 
Meh. So I guess the difference isn’t all that great. 

4. Did you suffer from any discomfort? 
When I took the Night Cleanse, I’d suffer from tummy pains in the morning. It kind of works like a laxative and it smells a lot like a Chinese laxative tea I used to drink. 
During the beginning, the tummy pains were almost acute. Like, I would literally wake up with sharp pains from my sleep and rush to the loo to relief myself. The pains got more bearable over time; I’m guessing because there’s lesser crap to clear? 

5. Is it a hassle to upkeep the whole 28 Day Detox? 
To be honest, it’s actually quite a hassle. 
Reason being- I don’t always have the luxury of time to drink the hot tea in the mornings. 
a. The tea bag is supposed to soak for 3 minutes 
b. The water is kinda hot, so you cannot just gulp it down fast 
There are some mornings when I head to the office and just have meetings all the way till lunch, so I have to make a quickie-tea.

And for the Night Cleanse, it can be quite difficult to remember when to take it- because it’s to be taken every alternate night. So sometimes I’ll be all, “Did I take it last night…?” So I decided to put it on my calendar, but then there are also times when I really don’t have the energy or time once I get home. 
This entire course takes quite a bit of commitment, I’ll give you that. 

6. Did it help ease your constipation? 
In the beginning it did; I shat many times in small amounts for a couple of weeks. 
Then gradually it just stopped working. The laxative-like pains still came about, but it didn’t really help to clear my bowels anymore. So I guess it didn’t really work for me. 
I actually think I better go check on my colon… 

7. Will you buy it again? 
Unfortunately, no. 
It’s not a bad product, plus it’s marketed quite well too. But the product itself didn’t reach my expectations. Probably I set them too high or I’m just destined to be chubby forever… I don’t know. 
For all the hype that was going on about it, plus the price- it’s actually quite expensive for a bunch of teabags. I don’t find it attractive to buy again. 
I realised that the Morning Boost is pretty much like any other fruity tea. While the Night Cleanse is just laxative tea. Both of which don’t amount to over $50 in price. 

8. Any tips for taking this product?  
a. Keep a calendar note on when to take your Night Cleanses! It helps a whole lot. 
b. Be prepared to suffer a little in the mornings after the Night Cleanse. You’re going to be stinking up the washroom early in the morning. 
c. The teabags have really short strings, not like the typical ones you see on Lipton or TWG. So I suggest that you tie the bag on the cup handle and let it soak in boiling water for 3-5 minutes. Then remove the teabag and drink away. 
d. Don’t take this as a weight loss product- because it isn’t. To me it’s something that probably makes me a little healthier, but it isn’t something that’ll make you look hot in a bikini. 
This product has it’s pros & cons. 
I don’t entirely regret spending the money on it- it was an experience. Overall I’m actually pretty glad that I went through it. 
Maybe the effect was too gradual to really feel or something. 
And also I’m more inclined to drink tea, which is much better for the body than coffee! So it’s not a total loss. 🙂 
There’s no one size fit all solution, so even though it didn’t really work fantastically for me- doesn’t mean it won’t for you! I’ve had some friends who dropped about 5KG, while some didn’t drop a single one. 
It’s super subjective to each individual. 
So to all you ladies who are planning on starting their own SkinnyMint journey or those who are already doing it right now- all the best!

For those of you who might want to see a more detailed description on my journey, you can read the following posts:
1. Week 1 
2. Week 2
3. Week 3
4. Week 4 


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