How I Was The Ultimate Bimbo At Driving School

Not the proudest thing of my life.

In fact, there aren’t many things I’m proud of… but anyways, I did something really stupid in driving school today.

Today I sat for my FTT (Final Theory Test), which I was totally freaking out over. 
1. I actually kinda forgot about it… Till I saw that I had plans on Friday on my calendar 
2. Did not study one bit 
3. Tougher to study for than BTT (Basic Theory Test) 
4. If I fail, I need to wait another 3 months for my next attempt

I got pretty lucky in my BTT; studied the night before and got full marks the next day.

And there was this hyperventilating girl next to me who was telling me how she studied so hard, but in the end she failed and she looked so damn emotional… It was scary.

So I totally rocked BTT.

But everyone warned me against FTT, so I took precautionary measures.

I applied for leave from work to stay home and study for the test.
…the problem is, I was never the study kind of person. Every single time I opened the book to read, it took me lesser than 2 minutes to get sleepy.

And because I kept on falling asleep, I barely got through half the book!!

So during one of the times I actually fell asleep….
I slept through the night.

Next thing I woke up…

1. Omg! It’s already the morning! I’m not done studying!
2. I got awakened by office phone calls telling me I need to head back later after my test to handle some last minute issues

All this within my first 3 minutes of awakening.

I managed to squeeze in a little more last minute information into my head, but then I just started falling asleep again!


So when I finally got to the examination centre- I realised that I had no idea where my test room was. Plus I was already a couple of minutes late.

I just navigated around a little, found a class with a sign outside that seemed quite legit… So I went in. Once I sat in, I clicked away on the test.

Answering to the best of my ability! I was absolutely dead low on confidence with this one. Some questions had definite answers, some were super ambiguous and some were like, “What the f**k is this??”

Then when I finished, I clicked “End Test”.

And it said- FAIL.

It even came in that lovely rude shade of red.

Rather devastated, yet I kinda anticipated it… I brought my failed ass down to the registration counter to register for a re-test.

I sat there and all I could think about were the issues I had to deal with at work.

And sent a bunch of my close friends the bad news… And everyone was really supportive!

Then when it was my turn to get served, I told the lady in a very sad tone…

Me: Hey, I need to book a re-test for my FTT… I failed mine. 😦

Dude-at-the-counter-next-to-me: Don’t worry about it. I failed my FTT twice! I’m registering for my third time. 

I didn’t know whether I felt consoled or worried.

Lady: Sure, no problem. Total will be $XX. Choose a date & time slot while I process your payment. 

Me: *scanned through the dates, then entered my pin for payment* …Hmm, I’ll take this date. 

Lady: Sure… Wait a minute. Miss, you didn’t sit for your test today yet. 

Me: What? I did. I failed. 

Lady: No. You sat for you trial tests! Your actual test is right now! Go and do it now! 

Me: Omg, really?! 

So I quickly got up & dashed to my test room!

After completing all the questions, I was super reluctant to click on “End Test“.

So I just took a deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep breath and clicked.


And with an awesome full score again! *claps*

When I left the room and some concerned friends called… 
Friend: Hey, I saw your message. You okay? 

Me: Oh, I got it wrong… I failed my trial tests. But I scored full marks for my actual one. 

Friend: I will kill you one day. I swear. 

A lot of people reacted that way. :\

I’m sorry…

Regardless, I got my PDL (Provisional Driving License)! And Mark said he’ll let me drive!
…Of course the cheapest car of the family. I’m prohibited to drive the expensive cars…

Omg, I’m so excited! When I can finally drive, imagine how all the fun I’ll have.

Lets just forget the high prices for a minute…

I can totally have cool car rides with my friends!

I can freak Mark out all the time!

I can go for lonely rides around whenever I need to clear my head!

So many things! I’m super excited & happy now! 
I’m going to be such a kickass awesome driver. Hehehehehe. 

Okay, but seriously…. Watch out if I’m anywhere nearby. Judging from how I drive in those arcade car racing games, I better get the best car insurance.


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