Organic Cure for Constipation: Smooth Move

Product Review: Smooth Move Organic Laxative Tea 

My long-time friends know that I suffer from constipation on a highly regular basis.

So much so that I need my daily intake of probiotics if not I can forget about clearing my bowels the next day. :\

Even after the SkinnyMint 28 Day Detox course, I didn’t feel an improvement. If any, it somehow made me even more constipated… I really don’t know what went wrong there.

Prior to getting my colon checked (a very concerned friend is pushing me to do it)… I was recommended by another friend to try Smooth Move out.

There are basically 3 steps to this:
1. Prepare this drink around bedtime
2. Put the tea bag into a cup of hot water
3. Let it sit in for about 15 minutes

I’m drinking it right now as I’m typing this! I can’t wait to see what will happen over the next few days…

Okay, so a few days have passed since I drank my first cup of Smooth Move…

And here’s what I gotta say.

    -> The Tea Wasn’t Even Remotely Bitter

    Y’know how laxative teas are usually quite bitter? Or they have this odd taste that never went down well with me… I guess this is highly subjective- but to me, it’s actually not half bad!

    After a few sips, I actually forgot I was drinking laxative tea and felt like it was my regular Chinese tea or something.

    -> There Was Absolutely No Discomfort At All

    Words alone can’t describe how relieved I was about this!

    After drinking it, I was having this feeling of impending doom of my urgent dash to the white throne to evacuate contents of my rectum.

    But with Smooth Move, my rectum just sent gentle reminders to my brain to head down to the washroom for defecation.

    I made my jolly way to the loo without any sharp pains!
    …or any pain at all, really.

    -> The Effect Lasted Over A Few Days

    Usually laxatives give me a really rough time in the loo the next morning and then I’m back to square one.

    But with Smooth Move, I was actually able have easy-shitty times for a good few days!

    -> It’s REALLY Hard To Get 

    I tried countless places- they didn’t carry this! The only shop that carries it is in some wholesale port area of Singapore. Practically impossible to get to unless you have a car.

    Mark was driving us in & it almost felt like…

    -> Really Cheap! 

    Yes, I’m a sucker for a bargain. Who isn’t?

    The box cost me less than $10! Worked way better than any other poop-stimulant & so much cheaper!

    This Smooth Move Tea is by far the best laxative tea I’ve ever had!

    I feel so much lighter now without all the poop clogging me up!

    Awesome stuff.


    2 responses to “Organic Cure for Constipation: Smooth Move”

    1. Hi!

      Don’t know if you still drink this product. But I’ve found another place that sells this and not at some wholesale place (sounds ulu), it’s called VitaKids, and they have a online shop too. There are a few outlets that retails this (Westgate, Paragon & Velocity) but I find online much cheaper cos they have sales! 🙂


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