The 12 Phases Broke Girls Go Through When Shopping

It’s a really tough thing to go through.

Men probably won’t really understand- Mark doesn’t. He thinks that my 2 closets full of clothes is more than enough to cover an entire village.

Mark has about half a closet full of clothes- and he always finds stuff to wear almost immediately.

While I scramble through 2 closets of clothes…

And he goes…

See? They just don’t understand.

The thing is- girls can have a whole warehouse or more of clothes and still feel that they need more.

To some of us girls, shopping is a non-stop desire that keeps us functioning… Almost like breathing.

So the worst thing to happen is when our bank accounts don’t allow us to breathe…

1. Sees Something She Absolutely Falls In Love With 
Note: This “something” could be (almost) entirely the same to something she already has- but that just shows her consistency of the love of that style.

2. Starts Fantasising About How She Will Use It 
“I’ll look so fantastic in this…”
“It’s PERFECT for this hot date!”

3. Concocts Reasons Why She Simply Must Have It 
“It’s super practical! Ir matches anything!”
“I need it to match this skirt! It’s an investment for a complete outfit!”

4. Then The Reality Of Her Broke-ness Starts Settling In
…and it’s not pretty.

5. Scolds Herself For “Frivolous” Past Purchases 
“Dammit. Should’ve not topped up that McDonald’s meal…”
“Why did I have to buy two bottles of vitamins at a go?”

6. Does Predictions On How Life Will Be Like If She Bought It 
“Sure, it’ll be tough…”

“…but at least I’ll have a nice dress!”

7. Tortures Herself By Even Trying It On 
With that teeny-weeny-tiny hope that maybe it won’t look good on her.

But at the same time, also hoping that she’ll look absolutely gorgeous.

8. If It Really Doesn’t Look Good, Then She’ll Just Drop It; But If It Does Look Good, She’ll Be Swooning At The Mirror In The Fitting Room 

9. Assuming That It Does Look Good; She’ll Take It Off Very Reluctantly & Wish That Her Pay Check Would Come In Advance 

10. She Exits The Fitting Room & Just About Tells The Sales Assistant That She Won’t Buy It

…but almost immediately loses control of her actions and buys it anyway.

11. She Then Finally Leaves With A Bleak Image Of Her Bank Account Figures 

12. But Then Can’t Wait To Show Off Her New Purchase Anyway 😉 

And this cycle just repeats itself endlessly

Which is exactly why I’ve been avoiding shopping malls/sites. I’m such a sucker when it comes to shopping… There might actually be a day I’m sooooo broke that I’ll literally have to eat grass.


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