A Dangerous Night Out…

Sometimes it can be quite dangerous for a girl to be out alone…

One night I was home and decided to head out to get some dinner on my own. So I slipped on a comfy loose shirt, shorts, slippers and my glasses.

Simply too lazy to put on my contacts.

Now when I told the entire story to my friends, they said, “Yup. It was dangerous that you were alone. I pity those men.”

So lets start from the top.

I changed, went out to get myself some din din. Went to my favourite stall which required me to wait quite a bit for my order.

So I just sat on the table nearest to the stall, waiting patiently.

When suddenly this buff dude came really close to my ear… I actually jumped.

Buff Dude: Excuse me. Are you queuing? 

I don’t know which part of sitting down made it seem like I was queuing, but I was nice enough anyway.

Me: No, I’m just waiting for my food. 

Buff Dude: Oh, nice. What did you order? 

Me: Something that they’re not serving fast enough. 

Buff Dude: Haha! I need my protein. Just got out of the gym. *flexes his arms a little* 

I was getting a little irritated, then the stall lady shouted that my order was ready. So… I replied.

Me: Well, nice to see a dumbbell working out with dumbbells. Bye! 

So I just left. Simply couldn’t be bothered.

He probably won’t even remember me in a couple of hours anyway.

So while I was walking home, a construction worker stared at me while walking past me- then he turned around and followed me.

I was a little frightened, honestly. He was probably an Indian national and he was being downright creepy.

I decided not to think so much… Maybe he forgot something and had to turn around to get it.

Then I went to the convenience store to pick up some things and realised he was still lingering around!

And when I left, he continued following me again.

Like, what the hell.

After a couple more steps, I turned around and stared at him angrily.

He took a few steps backwards, then had the audacity to go…

“Can I be your friend? Can give me phone number?”

I quite literally went…

Then he looked at me in shock…

And ran away like his life depended on it. *rolls eyes*

Like as if he was the one getting harassed; not me.


If you had the balls to follow me around like some creepy maniac, you should have the balls to take whatever that comes later.

I’m sorry, do I look like the kind of girl that will just be all scared and go…

And go, “Please don’t hurt me!!!”
Oh bah.
Wrong prey, buddy.
I was brought up differently and I’m not your typical neighbourhood lass that’ll be scared and suffer in silence.
So I told a girlfriend what happened…
Girlfriend: Okay, as your friend… I’m quite worried for you. But I actually pity the guys more. 
Me: What?? It was so friggin’ dangerous! 
Girlfriend: Yea, for THEM!! If you had a weapon in hand, there’ll be no more fathers’ day for them. Especially the one that tried to follow you. We both know what a monstrous bitch you can be. 
Maybe I am a bitch. But at least I know how to get rid of unwanted pests effectively. 😉
A girl has gotta take care of herself.

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