Your Drugstore Secret To Instant Clearer Skin!

Product Review: Bio-Essence Deep Exfoliating Gel
For those of you who think that I have great skin- YOU’VE BEEN FOOLED!
I’m kinda sorry? I’m really more flattered actually. 😀
My skin is nothing close to ideal. I’ll give it credit for being a little better than several other girls I know- but it’s not something to be envious about.
But it probably seems better than most because of this…

This is my third purchase- and everyone knows I’m always on the lookout for greener pastures. So if I’m still chewing around the same field, means it has to be really awesome.

I tried out other exfoliating solutions-
Most of them turned out to be too drying that leaves my skin peeling afterwards. Or simply ineffective with no evident results to boast about.

But this is (by far) the best one I’ve ever had and will probably never want to try out another similar product again.

1. It’s Super Affordable
It’s about SGD20 a bottle and it lasts me months! I use it every other day; at least once a week.

Yes, I like my things to be readily & conveniently available. Lets face it- I’m working, I’m getting old(er)… Sigh. I don’t have all the time or energy in the world to specially head down somewhere for something that I want.

This product is readily on the shelves on all major drugstores! Mega love!

3. I Can Genuinely Feel A Difference!
Unlike other products that sometimes require me to use them diligently for a while- this little baby works the magic within just one session. My skin actually feels loads smoother & looks brighter too!

I love my skin so much after I’m done that I go on practically molesting my face for the next few minutes.

4. Not Much Effort Required… 
Definite huge selling point for a lazy one like myself. It doesn’t require you to use a lot of energy or time- now that I’m more well-versed in this, I can get it done within 5 minutes tops!

Bio-Essence Deep Exfoliating Gel

Don’t wash your face with a cleanser yet- just make sure that your makeup is removed and your hands & face are completely dry!

Then when you’re rubbing, you’ll feel little beads coming off. Those are your dead skin cells!

After you feel you’re pretty much exfoliated- splash your face off with water and follow-up with your usual facial cleanser.


I fully recommend this as a must-have for all your beauty-lovers out there. 🙂

I feel pretty! Oh, so pretty!




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