The Drama Over My Burberry Wallet

Santa came early for me this year. *beams shamelessly*
I’ve been eyeing a Burberry wallet for quite some time now, but never really had the balls (or whatever that’s within the female genitals that might symbolise guts) to spend a close to a whole thousand on a wallet.

So last weekend, Ping & I were spending some girlfriend time together in town when we realised there was a branded goods sale!
As soon as we finished our facials, we headed down to the location. Once I entered, I was all…
Almost immediately, my eyes spotted the wallet.
And it was calling out to me!

Okay, of course the inanimate object didn’t exactly do that… but in my head, it felt like it did.

It would’ve been just downright rude of me to ignore it, so I walked over and held it up in my hands. And as soon as I did that, it almost literally gave me a tiny orgasm.

I literally swooned.

I’ve been eyeing this baby for the longest time and it was finally within my reach!

But even though it was on sale, it still would pinch my finances a little. What’s more, I had heaps of unexpected expenses that came up this month. *sobs*

So I placed it down & decided to think through it before I just dashed off to the payment counter.

Well, needless to say I went back to get it…

Held it & marched straight to the payment counter.

When I got there, there were these 2 women in front of me in the line.

So this is where the drama begins. 

Note: All the products were wrapped up in plastic wrappers.

Woman #1: (hands a wallet to the cashier) I want to see how it looks like inside. Cut the plastic open for me. 

Cashier: No problem. (proceeds to carefully slit the plastic open) 

Woman #2: (turns over to look at me then my wallet) Ooh! It’s a Burberry! 

Me: (smiles)

Woman #1: (touches it & looks at the cashier) Whose is it? 

Cashier: Erm, I believe this lady here wants to purchase it. 

Woman #2: (LITERALLY pulls it from my hand) Cut the plastic off this one too, I want to see what’s inside. 

Me: (snags it back, hands it to the cashier) Yes, since I am going to be the one buying it- I just want to see if it’s in good condition inside. Thanks. 

Woman #1 & #2: (glares at me) 

Me: (rolled my eyes then smiled at them) 

Cashier: (obviously was quite in destress… cut the plastic open) 

Woman #1 & #2: (reaches for the wallet)

Me: (grabs it & checks it like they’re not even there) 

Woman #1: (threw the wallet she wanted initially on the table) I don’t want this anymore! 

Woman #2: (turns & looks at me) But the Burberry one is nice…

Me: Yes, I know it is. And I am buying it. Excuse me, please. (smiles) 

And they just stormed off in a hissy fit.

The really repulsive thing was they were a couple of 50 over years-old women; and they’re still behaving like such immature brats.

But, oh bah.

Age is a constantly growing number; maturity can be a consistently stagnant level.

If you ask me, I was rather polite! …albeit a tad bitchy, I guess.

Ping came over later on & was wondering why was I having my bitch-face on.

But almost immediately I went back to being happy.




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