THE FACE SHOP: Stylist Silky Hair Colour Cream Review

As far as I know, this product isn’t readily available in The Face Shop stores in Singapore. So I saw it on sale on Qoo10 and immediately decided to give it a try.

I haven’t exactly found my Holy Grail in home hair dye yet… So I’m always on the lookout for new stuff to try out! 😎

Besides, it was going on a huge sale! ❤ Who could resist?

So lets get started!


It comes with the usual home dye set- with items labelled numerically. Which makes it pretty idiot-proof!

The instructions all over were in Korean, and as much as I can sing some Korean songs by heart- I know squat about the language.


Good thing there were graphics and all. *claps*

So here’s my take on the product. 😉

1. Love The Shoulder-Protector Plastic! 

So far, I think this is the first home dye product that I’ve tried so far that actually comes with this! ❤ Felt so much love!

Usually I end up having to get those dirt cheap towels that I often throw away after dying my hair, because the colour will just run and all- but this… Just made my home dying that much nicer. 😀


2. The Dye Solutions (1 & 2) Don’t Really Mix Well Together 

Usually the solutions mix super easily with the other products, so it got a taaaaad frustrating with this one. I was shaking the bottle so hard… And when I looked into the mirror, it almost looked like I was doing vigorous wanking.


Sigh. The things that go through my excuse-of-a-brain.

3. Quite Hard To Reach Every Bit Of Your Head 

Remember- this product is a cream; not the foamy kind. So it was really quite a challenge to get to every part of my lion mane… :/

I spent a good 30 minutes just making sure that I covered as much as I could!

You’d probably have to be double-jointed with eyes at the back of your head to do a perfect job.
…or have someone else do it for you.


4. The Product Runs Through Your Hair Pretty Nicely 

Despite the fact that it really is quite impossible to reach every nook & cranny of your scalp… The product sat really nicely on my hair every time I applied some on.

It didn’t like leak/drip… Awesome stuff!

So the good part is- once you know you’ve reached that bit of your hair, you can be rest assured that it’s nicely covered already.


5. Colour Is Very Prominent & Lasting

After I washed the dye off, the colour was really intense! 😮 I picked out black because I wanted to darken my light browns… but it just completely became totally black.

WowSo I guess as a product- it did a pretty good job!

Gera gives 3 out of 5 stars!

 Product Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ (out of 5)

Overall, it is a pretty decent product and great if you want to just try out a colour for kicks. Plus I got it really cheap too! 😀

However it didn’t do a good job at covering my ugly whites sprouting at the top of my head because it’s soooo hard to get to every part of my head- especially the scalp area, which is where the whites are all around! 😥

Alright, this will be the end of my review! 🙂

Much love, people!


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