18 Things About Being The Only Child

For those who don’t know- yes, I’m an only child.

Before my parents could conceive a sibling for me, one of them kicked the bucket & humans aren’t able to reproduce asexually.

So here I am… For all my life, the only child. And being the only child is a world of difference from those who have siblings.

  1. You Never Had The Need To Share
    There was no one else to share with anyway!
  2. …But Was EXTRA Forced To Learn To Share Anyway
    I attribute this to the adults being scared that you’ll grow up to be a selfish brat- so they put in extra effort into making sure you’re a selfless Ghandi or something.
  3. Your “Clique” Are The Adults, Not Other Kids 
    “Who are all these other little humans?”
  4. Therefore You’re Actually More Mature Than Others
    Like an old wise owl…
  5. You Spent Countless Painful Hours Begging Adults To Play Your Childish Games
    You can’t help it! There’s no one else around!
  6. The Adults Always Helped You With Homework
    And sometimes even when they’re clearly wrong… they don’t listen anyway. Then your teacher thinks you weren’t paying attention in class. When really, you were just an innocent victim of adult egoism. :/
  7. With So Much Alone Time, You Have An INCREDIBLE Imagination
    There’s only one you and so many toys… I had a doll, her best friend, her boyfriend & her pet dog- and I was all of them!
  8. People Somehow Think You’ll Have Imaginary Friends
    Just because you don’t have another kid to play with often…
  9. You Learn That All You Need In The World Is Yourself
    …and having God too will be nice.
  10. You Always Have To Show People You’re NOT A Spoiled Brat 
    Albeit I’ll admit that I can be a real brat at times…
  11. But You Almost Couldn’t Care Less About Others Anyway
    No one else is consistent in your life except yourself.
  12. You’re Totally Chillax About Standards
    Because there’s no one else to compare to!
  13. You Had A Total Culture Shock When You Saw Your First “Fight” 
    Over a toy or the last biscuit- you’ve never had to fight for anything!
  14. The Emptiness You Feel When You Realise You’ll Never Be An Aunt/Uncle
    Where does this end?! First I won’t ever get to enjoy the love of a sibling… Now I won’t get a relationship with a niece/nephew?!
    giphy (1)
  15. Deep Inside, You Always Wanted A Sibling
    But lets face the facts…
  16. So You Self-Appoint Close Friends To Be Your Siblings 
    No approval on their part required.
    It kinda feels like those, “Omg! We’ve been separated for so long! Lets spend the rest of our lives loving each other like siblings, you non-blood-related being!”
  17. You’re Extra Protective Of Your “Siblings” 
    Because hey, you “lost” them for so long! NO ONE TOUCHES MY FAMILY!!
  18. You’re Not Afraid To Be Alone, But Somehow You Don’t Wish For Others To Be
    It’s not all that bad- but you just don’t want people you care about to go through the same thing.
    tumblr_inline_mjcm0ktYEb1qz4rgpXOXO, G.

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