One day while walking home from work looking like an utter corpse… I realised there were a lot of other people who looked like corpses too.

Those who await for some great zombie apocalypse… LOOK NO FURTHER!!!


Typically from Mondays to Fridays, 6PM onwards.

Well anyway, I happened to walk by 2 girls (I shall address them as ‘bitches’ from now on) who managed to piss me off in about 5 seconds flat, without having any direct contact with me whatsoever.


Basically, it went like this:

Bitch #1: Omg, I can’t believe that he’s gay lah! So disgusting! How are we supposed to work with him now! Eeee!

Bitch #2: IKR!!! Gays have anal sex leh! 

And of course their whole anti-homosexuality-bitching session continued as they sauntered their asses down the street- I was out of listening range, so didn’t know what else went down.

But yes- I actually got pissed.

Sure, you can tell me that people have the right to their own opinions.
So… Don’t people even more so have the right to their own preference in sexuality?

It’s a lot more personal than just any mere opinion.

So bitches, just by listening to you for 5 seconds- I have some questions to ask.

1. Why is being a homosexual disgusting? 

In my opinion, you’re disgusting.

Maybe because I spent over a decade schooling in convents (sing hallelujah to the Loooord~), so I’m more accustomed to homosexuality.


If you bitches suffered a say… a culture shock. Fine. Maybe that little bubble world of yours knows of no such thing as being homo.

But you bitches actually outright labelled his sexual preference as ‘disgusting’! Why is it so disgusting to you?

Is it because he actually prefers men other than women (like yourselves), so deep down you’re actually more offended that he sees no appeal in either of you whatsoever… So to console your pathetic, small-minded & selfish little hearts, you decide to despise him?

Ever thought that mayyyyybe the reason he decides to be gay is because there are women like you that are… Oooh, what’s the word? DISGUSTING?? 🙂

2. How will him being gay affect you working with him professionally?

I’m assuming he’s your colleague- since you mentioned working with him and you bitches were walking around my office area, so I highly doubt you’re students.

In this case, if anything at all… YOU TWO are the ones who are being totally unprofessional.

You’re bringing in personal matters into work and using it as a weapon against a fellow colleague, simply because you don’t agree with his sexual preference??

Oh, grow up!!!

In fact, in personal experience- gays are awesome people!!

I heard you 2 bitches talk for 5 seconds; really don’t like both of you.
I heard about him from you 2 bitches for 5 seconds; I prefer him over both of you.

3. Did you know that even hetrosexual people have anal sex?? 

Oh, I sincerely apologise if I corrupted your little world! But that’s the truth.

In fact, it’s one of the all-time favourites of many men to do to women.


So it’s pretty obvious that both of you don’t really know what’s going on in the world; but you just go around labelling others and expressing it in such crude manners.

Well… Here’s what I got for you.

Piss off, bitches.

Oh, so glad I got this off my chest.

I was actually quite annoyed with myself for not telling them off; but honestly, it’s actually none of my business. And others will think I’m crazy and possibly homosexual myself.

I don’t see anything wrong with being homosexual, really. What’s wrong?

If someone makes sexually attracts you, it usually isn’t something you can choose for yourself.
You just feel attracted.

And if you find happiness in life with someone of the same gender, then go ahead & be happy! Finding happiness in life is already harder than finding a needle in a haystack- who gives a rat’s ass about the other’s gender?

Sexual preference is such personal matter that I feel no one but YOURSELF has the right to choose it.

Not even your parents. You are your own person. No one else is going to be living your life for you- no one is going to feel that suffering or happiness every second of your life, but you & only you.

Remember to love yourself first- once you’re able to accept yourself for who you really are, then you’ll be able to accept someone else for loving you. Because you get to see some reason for them to love. 😉


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