Gera’s Product Review – MISSHA Firming Peptide Shaping V Mask

I’m not sure since when- but MISSHA has made its return to tropical Singapore!

The last time they were here, I somehow couldn’t find a distinction between them and THE FACE SHOP. Plenty of other girls & myself felt the same way- so we often based our choices on the convenience of shop locations.

In fact, to put it bluntly- MISSHA actually felt like the cheaper version of THE FACE SHOP, without actually being cheaper.

However I must commend MISSHA for their look right now. ⭐
It’s clearly distinct from not only THE FACE SHOP- but it created its own very classy & sophisticated look without jacking up the prices. *claps*

Okay- I’m digressing from what this post is really about… 🙄

So while picking up some items at MISSHA, I decided to try this out to feed my obsession of having a sharp jawline.

MISSHA’s Near Skin Firming Peptide Shaping V Mask


Well, I had to hit a minimum amount to get some gifts anyway. 😛 So this was a great excuse!

I was pretty sold- it looked like a very expensive thing. Which usually means it’s good!


What I found really interesting were these perforated lines on the mask itself; never seen such things on these jawline masks before!



And had to leave it on for a good 15-20 minutes.




So here’s my take on this product:

  1. The perforated lines help in adjusting snugly onto your face shape
    I really like this about the product! Everyone’s face shape is different, so it’s a great form of “generic-customisaton”
  2. It’s reeeaallyyyy tight
    From my experience with past jawline masks, they’re not soooo tight. This one really holds your chin up- it was almost a hassle to talk. Mark was quite pleased.
  3. The substance on the product is very dry
    Unlike your usual masks, this one isn’t the least bit watery. It’s practically like a slice of hard jello stuck onto your skin. So much so that after I took it off, there really wasn’t much to leftover to pat into the skin.
  4. Not much visible results…
    This is definitely the most important factor to ladies out there.
    Well, I only did just about 2 masks- so maybe it’ll work with more?
  5. Might not be suitable for those with sensitive skin
    The very next morning, a pimple at the top of my neck (towards the chin) sprouted out! This never happened in my life before. And to make matters worse, it didn’t disappear with a dap of my pimple cream like my other usual pimples. This particular pimple took about a whole week to disappear. 😥
    My guess is that maybe the chemicals in the product is a little too strong for my skin’s liking.

Price: SGD 6.90
Singapore Website:
International Website: 

Gera Stickers

Rating: ❤ ❤ (out of 5)
“Oh, why did I even bother…”

It didn’t really do an awesome job- plus it’s about SGD7! The only ones I fully loved were some I picked up from Hong Kong for about SGD2…

*mental note to head down to HK again*

Not to mention the pimple… Sigh. 😦




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