Gera’s Product Review: Rudducks Kleen Kat Litter Box Odour Spray

People have no idea how important good litter box odour control is to me.


Couple of reasons why…

1. I have not 1, not 2… but THREE felines (so whatever stench that emits is tripled, practically)
2. They’re always in my room (and the stench pretty much stays in room, especially at night when I close everything & turn on the air-conditioning)

So while I was in the pet store, I picked out “Kleen Kat” by Rudducks to spray the litter box.

Product Review: Rudducks Kleen Kat

Oreo; in the picture above- is the Potty Police of the 3. He seriously has this obsession to be in-charge of the litter box.

So I figured he’s the most apt for the photo! 😀
…plus Milkie and Meowster weren’t exactly staying still. ^^’ Oreo was just too lazy to move.

So the first time I brought home the kids (yes, I’m practically Crazy Cat Lady now- they’re like my children), I didn’t realise just how nasty cat pee & poop could be.

Well, I quickly learned. It wasn’t a pleasant lesson.



So headed down to the pet store and picked out the Rudducks Kleen Kat Spray!

It worked okay on relatively fresh litter.

I was super delighted about this!

After digging for my cats’ smelly gold pieces & stuff, I just sprayed this a couple of times- and the litter box seemed to be cleaner!

Okay, I don’t know if it’s even just a placebo effect.


…when it was almost time to change litter, it somehow made the stench even worse than before.

I don’t even see how this logic works… I’m guessing it just absorbs whatever that is around it & amplifies it?

Every other day, I’ll top up the litter; but every fortnight I change everything entirely.

So before I get to changing all the litter, it really stinks.

Sometime during mid-week, the litter box can get soooooo smelly… It’s almost like my cats invited ALL the neighbourhood cats to come into the house & take a dump in their litter box whenever I’m out to work.

At first I didn’t really think it was the problem of this product- I mean, it’s designed to help me with the odour, right? Why/how will it do so otherwise?

But a happy accident happened when I got back home exhausted one day; so after digging, I forgot to spray.

Then the next day I realised that the litter somehow didn’t smell so repulsive anymore. O.O I was so surprised!

So I conducted a mini-experiment of spraying for a few days & then not spraying for a few days.

My conclusion is: My litter box is better off without this product.

Gera StickersRating: ❤ ❤ (out of 5)
“Oh, why did I bother?”

Simply depressing & smelly. Good thing it doesn’t cost a premium or anything- pretty much priced like any other spray. I’m only halfway through the bottle and I just threw it out.

Now time to look for an alternative!

If anyone could do a recommendation, that’ll be awesome! ⭐


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