Onward to Surgery!

Believe it or not- I’ve been battling a diabolical flu for a good 2 months.


This is the first time ever that I’ve suffered for so long.

I went to about 4 different doctors & took more than 5 courses of antibiotics.

The virus just kept on coming back stronger each time, making me feel more like utter shit every single time.

I was convinced death was making its way to me.


However I have quite a number of things to live for right now- a great job, loving boyfriend who is determined as hell to make a future with me, 3 fat cats & some of the awesomest people I’m proud to call my friends. 🙂

So I decided to do what I ought to do- seek a specialist & get proper (albeit expensive) treatment.

I was referred to Dr Sim- which somehow gave me a sense of trust, weirdly. Simply because we share the same surname. :/

He is also at the hospital where daddy passed away. Which also oddly made me feel more comfortable- maybe because I’ve been there countless times when I was young.

Anyhow, the doctor sprayed some formulas into my nostrils and then stuck a camera tube into them. I flinched so hard he had to call his nurse to come in & hold onto me.

I’m sorry- I’m just not used to having thin metal things so deep in my nose. And whatever the camera captured was also shown on a small TV in front of me, which didn’t please me entirely…


I’m good with looking at the human body on the surface… Anything under the skin makes me irk… Even if it’s my own.

My brain just went,
“Gooey, eeee…”
“Omg, why so lumpy!”

So I needed to do a CT scan and a surgery is a must.

By that time, I was breathing like a Darth Vader and my nose leaked like Niagara Falls.
Geographical Hollywood illness- can it get any better? 😉


Like a good girl, I trotted down to the X-Ray zone of the hospital where they were expecting me.

And then before I knew it, I was brought into a room with this…


In my head I was all…


Well, considering the size of my bill- I subconsciously expected something quite extravagant… but I was (stupidly) hoping for something prettier?

Maybe with a couple of unicorns hoping around, offering macarons?

I know what you’re thinking- “This crazy woman.”

So I stuck around for my results to be out. The beauty of a private hospital is that not many people were around, so I made myself comfortable by acting totally uncomfortable.

Which was how I am feeling naturally right now. REALLY LIKE SHIT, OKAY??


The nurses were a little concerned, but there’s nothing they could really do other than tell me to relax.

Within lesser than an hour, my results were out and slot in nicely into a big envelope.

After my doctor put them up to view, turns out things weren’t as bad as he had anticipated.

Still, a surgery is required.

The good news is- my hospital bill won’t be in a nice whopping 5-digits.

It’ll be around 4-digits, which maybe I could buy 4D with & maybe win a prize enough to cover the bill? Or maybe my insurance will cover. I don’t know- I was never entirely confident in insurance, I was just brought up to believe that insurance is a scam.

But I went ahead to buy myself a rather good plan anyway- so lets see what happens.

In the meantime, I’m getting ready for my surgery & to be hospitalised.


I’m being totally chill about this. 😀 Especially after my company’s HR has been informed & things at work are settled.

Take care, people!


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