#GeraTravels To 成都:Going Rural

6 December 2014

It was going to a long bus ride, we were warned- but well-worth it!


Panda I drew on the frosted bus window, I called him Pan Pan

Kath and I took longer than expected to shove all our stuff into our luggages… It was only our first few nights as a “married couple” and she was nagging me about bringing too small a luggage.


So we had to (almost literally) swallow our breakfast whole. I don’t know about Kath, but I did it because my dearest uncle was giving me his death glare.

As much as I’m a bitch & a fully-grown woman, I’m still scared of my uncle.

Restaurant a lot more crowded than expected…
Fool-proof breakfast. Done in 4 minutes- I’m awesome.

I remember it to be a rather tiring breakfast.

Not because I had to make up my mind like lightning from the vast breakfast buffet available or that I had to chew like Bugs Bunny on a carrot. Rather because my uncle & tour guide were chasing us to hurry to keep to schedule, while my grandparents were all worried that I’d choke or something.

So one side was like, HURRY HURRY. One side was like, IT’S BETTER TO EAT SAFELY.

Eventful morning, yes?

The thing I missed most about that particular hotel is the view from our room. Kath & I had the gorgeous view of the dome- where we soaked half-naked and bitched about everything under the sun the night before.

And in the morning, we were able to see the snowy mountains behind it!

Ah, good memories.

Anyway, like I said- it was a looooong bus ride. Want to know how long?

It was so long- it drove us from breakfast directly to lunch. I take my hat off to our bus driver- of course I’ll put my hat back on immediately… Cold ears don’t feel good, man.



But the food was nice. 🙂 So many people warned me about their cuisine, that it’ll be difficult for Singaporeans to get accustomed to.

Maybe I’m just really fortunate- but I actually thoroughly enjoyed the food there! They were warm, homey… I always wanted food like that since I was little.

Well, I spent most of my years alone & ate food from outside. So I’m a total sucker for such homey stuff.


So our next stop was to some tea appreciation thingy. I love tea, I really do. Hot or cold, they’re usually my choice of beverage. #soasian

So I thought those were stools and I happily went to almost place my ass on one of them, when I was told they were used to store the tea leaves.


Well, from another perspective- they also mighty looked like pig noses to me.

7 Shades of Tea

So they went on & on about the different sorts of teas as well as their mountainous amounts of benefits. At the rate they were going, I almost expected the next tea they brought out to give me immortality.

Kath still in ninja mode

Well, as usual- we were tourists. I was fully prepared to be conned one way or another.

Then when they told me the costs of their tea… :O I’m sorry, I was prepared to be conned. Not robbed.

However my aunt is a bigger sucker than I am, so she spent a whopping amount on the tea leaves. I won’t reveal the amount here… but it’s definitely not a legit number.

With that price, I thought they were selling us the farms that produced the leaves. Then that’ll make perfect sense.

Oh well, whatever. Not my money, not my business.

But my aunt is so lovingly generous; she bought me tea which would help with areas my health is weak in (which is almost in all areas…). ❤

After all that, I was really looking forward to the next park we were going to explore. I’m not the outdoorsy sort- but in the chilly weather & gorgeous view, I didn’t mind one bit. 😀

One of my ultimate favourite pictures from the trip ❤
Adorable little kid with his momma!
Adorable little kid with his momma!
Adorable not-so-little cousin!
Adorable not-so-little cousin!

An old lady seated nearby told me a strong wind did this to the tree :O

Proudly made this my mobile wallpaper :D
Proudly made this my mobile wallpaper 😀

TA-DA!! We climbed this! Awesome, right?
TA-DA!! We climbed this! Awesome, right?

It was TIRING! And because of the distance, our grandparents couldn’t join us. 😦 But we showed them heaps of pictures after!

The bus took a really long journey from there. I thought the morning journey was long… but this one felt longer. Maybe because of nightfall…

We went into the more rural parts, but were spending the night at their best hotel!

It was really dark outside- unlike Singapore, there were no street lamps whatsoever. So the only source of light actually only came from this hotel.

Needless to say, I didn’t leave the area.

Because I LOVE high-ceilings!



Not-too-shabby 😉
REALLY appreciated that they showed what each button controlled. Every hotel room should be like this.

The interesting thing was that this hotel area didn’t have an internal restaurant whatsoever… You had to walk out to the building next door. And there was even a convenience store! I felt so elated so find some sort of retail therapy!

The smile that runs through the family ❤
Asian Dinner
Look at what Kath picked up at the convenience store! Tsk tsk.

My little cousin possessing such stuff. Sigh. What has she become… (Even though I know full well it’s for her friend).

Okay, I’m not one to talk. I bought like a carton of liquor & couple packets of cigarettes for my friends. HAHA!

In my next post for this trip, you’ll be seeing a Buddha carved right out of a mountain! How cool is that!

Hope you guys enjoyed this. 🙂


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