My Unbiased SK-II Review Is Here! Is All The Obsession Worth It?

To date, there isn’t one girlfriend I know who doesn’t want to try out SK-II at least once in her life simply because of all the aggressive advertising.

They have created an itch deep inside each & every female one way or another; but that itch is easily ignored with their price tags.

It’s pretty obvious that the marketing & pricing of SK-II products are aimed to make females desire for them.

How? Well, quite simple- if you look properly.
They constantly tell you- YES, MY PRODUCT IS THAT AWESOME! Just look at all those gorgeous celebrities with skin that you’ll kill for! 
Then THEY MAKE IT NOT-SO-EASILY ACCESSIBLE, with both pricing & locality. There’s a reason why SK-II is available only at its own shops at departmental stores and in beauty shops like Sephora. Not in your neighbourly Watson’s.


Alright, so lets get down to it. 😉

I dedicated one full month of basic skincare to the 2 babies you see on top.
(The Facial Treatment Essence doesn’t look too used because I received a small bottle as a gift, so I finished up that one and moved on full-sized one!)

What I wanted to know was:

  1. Are the products good?
  2. If they are, are they good on independently? Or do they rely on each other?

To find this out, I planned out my month as such:

First 2 weeks: Using both products together

3rd week: Using only Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser with another moisturiser

4th week: Using only Facial Treatment Essence with another cleanser

So, the first & probably more important question-


  • Cleanser Agreed With My Skin

Which is SUPER important to me. My skin doesn’t agree with several things- it’s almost as spoiled a brat as I am.

For my skin not to go complaining by literally making me look bad is a huge thing.

  • Easy To Use
via cass–

Now some of you might be all- “Hello, are difficult is it to use a facial cleanser & moisturiser?”

You’re right, it’s no rocket science. But ever had those facial cleansers that didn’t lather too well? Or even those moisturisers that required a mirror to make sure you applied it properly?

The SK-II set wasn’t anything like that. If anything, the cleanser lathered very well without being overly soapy. And because the essence is water-based, it was super easy! I would just pour some into my palm and dap-dap-dap!

  • Absorbs Pretty Quickly 

This applies mainly to the moisturiser.

When a product is water-based, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it absorbs quickly. But this one did! 🙂 I was super pleased.

  • A Bit Of A Nasty Smell 

Well, more of the essence- it had this slight stench that left some to be desired… The cleanser wasn’t too bad. I guess because it doesn’t stay on your face long enough.

But yea, they aren’t exactly high on the score for scent.

  • The Essence Left A Bit Of Stickiness 

Hardly welcomed, especially in Singapore’s humid weather. So I guess you have to be careful not to apply too much and really dap it into the skin. I realised it helps.

On days when I just apply the essence and stay at home in an air-conditioned room, I can feel the stickiness a little. Albeit on days when I head out and apply BB Cream over it- then no, you won’t feel the stickiness.

  • Overall I Saw My Skin Improve Slightly

To be fair, it was only 2 weeks. For the skin to really show results, you’d might need to do this religiously for at least a month.

So in my opinion, it’s actually quite impressive. 😉

It doesn’t do any form of tightening for my skin, but it really did leave it quite smooth.

So now we have established that the set of products is indeed good…


  • With Only The Cleanser, My Skin Was Still Good

I don’t know if it’s because my other moisturisers are good stuff- but definitely didn’t really need the essence! Probably also because the cleanser does such a good job, other moisturisers can be absorbed better to do their thang.

My skin was actually happily smooth all the way; but after about 3 days, I could sense a slight drop in the texture in my skin. 😦 But it wasn’t anything drastic, really. It just went down a little.

  • With Only The Essence, My Skin Wasn’t That Great

Maybe because more time went by from the time I used both products together- but with solely the essence, my skin went straight back to the way it was before the whole SK-II jazz.

Okay, here’s my verdict.

Ahem. Overall the set is great & albeit advertisements did exaggerate quite a bit- but hey, they’re advertisements. Take them with buckets of salt.

I have some girlfriends who told me the essence worked wonders for them, while some were with me on the cleansers. And there are some lucky bitches who get perfect skin with the set. *rolls eyes*

Most probably I’ll just be sticking to the cleanser, until I find something better. The essence will be used as moisturiser for those nights when I’m feeling too tired to properly apply a mask or whatever.

I feel that if you really want to try the whole SK-II thing, you can try out this set. There’s no real harm- and even though it can be a tad pricey, it does last a long time! 🙂 And from there you can see which combination works for you.

It definitely isn’t a holy grail for me, so I’m still on the lookout. But pretty good stuff nonetheless. 😉

geras<3 ❤ ❤ ❤ (out of 5)
Definitely good!

Hope this was helpful to you ladies! ⭐

Take care & be happy!


P.S. For those who are keen on trying the products out, you can try to buy from Best Buy World! Pretty good prices there. ❤ You’re welcome! 😀

P.P.S. Check out my latest SK-II post on their brand new RNA Power Airy Milky Lotion!

Also, you can check out this new review of SK-II’s Facial Treatment Essence!

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