Product Review: GEO Grang Grang Grey Cosmetic Contact Lens

Everyone’s favourite cosmetic lens brand GEO has this particular range called Grang Grang.

They come in a couple of diameters; 14.2mm and 15mm.

This time I went ahead to order the grey one of this range. I was really taking a gamble because the natural shade of my eyes just don’t like working with coloured lenses!

I don’t know how some girls can work those whacky colours and get away with them! I put on anything even just close to different- bam, I look like I’m getting ready for Halloween.

However Grang Grang is supposedly known to have very natural-looking lenses, so I took a deep breath and placed my order!

Geo Grang Grang Grey- 14.2mm

So far no local optical shops in Singapore readily sell them. And even so, the 14.2mm doesn’t come with any power. So it defeats the purpose of wearing contacts entirely.

I had mine shipped in from Hong Kong, which took about 1.5 weeks!

So I was pretty excited to get to try this one on! 😀

And… Ta-da!

with Geo Grang Grang Grey (14.2mm)

Comfort-wise, it is nothing much out of the ordinary when in comparison to other cosmetic lenses. It’ll last you about 10 hours- but I think that’s pretty awesome. What’s more, my work requires me to look at the computer a lot.

It is definitely noticeable- but I’d say it blends in pretty well to your natural pupil actually.

So overall I’d give it…

❤ ❤ ❤ (out of 5)

It’s decent- it’ll do for now. I’d still wear it till it expires… but I doubt I’ll buy it again unless I have a specific need for a pair of grey contacts.

If anyone knows of great grey lenses I can try out- let me know! ❤




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