Lip Tint Tattoo; The Next Kissable Must-Have?

One of the latest things that has been going on in the cosmetics world is this new baby known as the lip tint tattoo.

The whole idea of this product is to create a lasting & natural colour to your lips.

I was honestly never much of a lipstick-wearer; but I found the beauty pleasure in it. *eyebrows jump up & down*

And plus this lip tint tattoo works in such a unique way!

Step 1: Apply the product on your bare lips
Step 2: Let it dry for about 5 – 10 minutes
Step 3: Peel off a layer that formed
Step 4: Viola! Enjoy your naturally-tinted smoochers! ❤

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I simply had to try it out!

Lip Tint Tattoo- Lovely Peach Shade by Berrisom

There are quite a number of shades to choose from, so you can really go for something that looks naturally alluring to something vividly sexy.

It’s always good to know what sort of colours suit your skin tone and lip shape the best!

My favourite group of beauticians are mostly from M.A.C. ❤ And this guy told me I should go for more peachy/coral sort of shades- because my lips look full enough. Oh, so flattered! *giggles*
He also said that if I wore something too red, I’ll look like a real high-class slut.

I’m just going to seek solace in at least I’ll be a high-class one…

So anyways, back to business.

Since it needed 5 – 10 minutes to prep, I applied it first before putting on the rest of my makeup.


I even put a timer to make sure that the product has ample time!

After approximately 10 minutes, I started peeling away.

And we are done!

After using this product for a few times, here are a few things I think can be valuable words to you girls:

  • Do NOT apply the product on your fingers first, then from your fingers to your lips!
    I have a habit of doing that for all my lip products that come in similar tubes; I just feel it’s more hygienic! But for this product, it thins the product out too much and the colour won’t come out as strongly as you’d like.
  • Apply generously! ❤
    Don’t be stingy on this! While with some products like BB Creams where less is more; not for this one. You really need to get it there, sister. Press down on the tube and rub it over your lips! …and clean the tube afterwards, please.
  • There’s a fruity flavour to it
    While most girls find it quite a pleasant thing, weird ones like me don’t fancy it very much. I actually get nauseous when I’m in a candy store. But the flavour isn’t super strong on this one. I don’t like it… but it’s bearable for me. 🙂
  • It Isn’t Moisturising At All
    So in my opinion, if you’re the kind that always gets dry lips- you might want to invest in getting a good lip balm to apply at night if you want to use this in the day! Otherwise, what I do is apply a small amount of lip balm over my tinted lips. 😉 Works for me!

So far I’m quite loving it! 🙂 I’ll definitely be getting more shades!

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ (out of 5)

Stay beautiful, my pretties! ❤


5 responses to “Lip Tint Tattoo; The Next Kissable Must-Have?”

  1. This is so cool! I’ve seen eyelash tints, and semi permanent eyeliner before, but never this! Good to see it in action! (And that shade is so gorgeous on you!) x


    • It’s a pretty new thing that recently reached Singapore from Korea! I love this! If it’s hard for you to get it where you’re from, I can send one over to you! 🙂 Just let me know! And thank you for the compliment ❤ So kind of you!


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