GEO Contact Lens Lovers, Behold The GEOLICA!

In my personal opinion, when it comes to cosmetic lenses – GEO is one of the big boys (girls?) in the game. Every girl who knows her cosmetic contacts, knows GEO. And GEO has quite a range of different designs!

Then one day I spotted GEOLICA while shopping for my next few pairs of contacts. This particular pair caught my attention because it looks so promisingly natural! Which is what I really love.

It comes in this box and in those plastic containers that you just pull the cover off. Which I really love! Because I find those glass bottles with their metal & plastic caps so diabolical to my nails. 😡  

And more than once I ended up cutting myself just trying to get a new pair of contacts out of their well-guarded bottles. You’d think the lenses are some world-devastating villain to be put in such containment.

So when I reckoned they looked natural… I was right. They practically look like I’m not wearing anything at all! There’s honestly not much difference, especially since it only has a 14.2mm diameter. My eyes look a tad red and tired in the “without contacts” photo because I took the photo at the end of a long day… :/

  • LOVING the packing Like I said, I really hate opening those glass bottles that I usually get from GEO. I actually get scared opening those bottles and sometimes have to get Mark to open them for me.
  • Hyper natural look! If you have dark brown eyes like mine, then these will look completely natural. You won’t even look like you’re wearing anything at all.
  • Comfort level is fairly decent I won’t say it’s great; you definitely shouldn’t wear it for long hours! The general “safe” number of hours to wear a pair of cosmetic lens is 6 hours, but honestly… I have never abided by that rule. I wore this pair for about 10 hours straight and it wasn’t that bad. No itch, no super dryness that needed eye drops!
  • Thinner & softer lenses For some reason, this pair seems to be thinner in my opinion! When I pulled them out, I was quite intrigued! And when I was washing them, I realised how much softer they are compared to other cosmetic lenses.

Overall for this product, it’s pretty okay. I’m not super impressed, to be entirely honest. But for days when I need to look 100% natural for some reason, I guess this will be a good pair. 🙂

So it gets 3 out of 5 hearts for me!


Thanks for reading! 😎


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