Product Review: Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

I first noticed Innisfree while I was in Hong Kong and when it came to Singapore I was quite literally over the moon.

Not because there isn’t already enough beauty brands to pamper our female population; but rather the brand carries quite a range of highly affordable yet rave-worthy items!

One of which is…
Its Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask!

Now for the volcanic clay mask series, there is the Jeju and Super one.

From my understanding, the main difference between the both is that the Super one offers a cooling effect. Which I could really use in Singapore’s weather!

Here’s what I found about the product:

1. It Has Minimal Smell
Something I find very attractive in a beauty product. A lot of products have fragrances which isn’t always appreciated by everyone. So the fact that all I really smell is the scent of clay… I think it’s pretty awesome.

2. Hardens Up Super Fast
In a mere half a minute, the clay on my face is thoroughly hardened. And I cannot move my facial muscles much. Best time to catch me expressionless.

3. You Need To Pour In Some Water To Use It
Because it is clay, it is rather hard when you open it up. So I always put in a little water – just about enough to cover the surface and dig up some liquid clay to smear on my face!

Some people I know opened it and thought it was a defect product because they couldn’t smear it properly on their faces… I sometimes feel I need smarter friends.

4. Cleaning It Off Can Be Difficult…
It isn’t your rinse-and-gone sort of mask, it requires you to rub a little to get rid of the product. It gets caught between my nails, which I find annoying… Because it hardens inside my nails! So I use damp cotton pads to wipe it off – expect to use about 5-10 pads to do a thorough job.

5. Economically Priced!
For about SGD20, you can get this little tub that will last you months at least. I use it once a week and 3 months later, I’m barely halfway through it!

6. Face Feels Cooler, Softer & Smoother!
After removing the product, I simply love how my skin feels! I was quite impressed! ❤ And it even helped me control some random pimple breakouts. Oh, I LOVE this!

So my verdict is…


A definite recommendation to all my gorgeous ladies out there. 😉 And once I’m done with my tub, I’m going back for more. Muahaha!

Here’s to lovely skin! ⭐


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