Eyelash Extensions: True Eyelash Beauty @ Bugis Cube

Singapore is in no shortage of beauty parlours. And since a few years back, eyelash extensions have been a norm among women and an essential for some.

Me included! 😉

And I was initially quite a loyal customer to Carragheen, but after a while I personally felt their service standards dropping while their prices weren’t… And I initially had 1 session left in my package, but was about a week too late to book an appointment and they disallowed me to use it. Even after explaining to them that I was hospitalised for a long time, so getting extensions wasn’t in the question. And to top it off, I have quite erratic schedules – Carragheen charges you SGD20 for every cancellation/change of appointment within 24 hours.

So I just decided to drop them.

Like I said, there are many eyelash extension parlours out there. And granted that Carragheen is one of the more outstanding pioneers in the business and they have a good track record – but just not enough for me to return anymore.
P.S. They did call back a few weeks later, telling me they are willing to let me use my last session out of goodwill. -_- I didn’t fancy the stench of their desperateness. And I was really disgusted at how they handled the whole thing.

Ahem! Okay, so today I’m sharing with my fellow beauty-lovers another cool eyelash place I tried out. 😀


True Eyelash Beauty!

Photo Credit: http://www.trueeyelashbeauty.com

Located in Bugis, this new kid on the block is garnering quite a bit of attention. 🙂 So I simply had to try them out.

  • Book Appointments via WeChat!

Apparently WeChat isn’t all that well-used in Singapore, but the idea of being able to just drop a message via WeChat/Whatsapp etc. to make an appointment is immensely convenient to me.

  • Beautician With An Eye!

My beautician, Angeline, was able to expertly suggest what sort of lashes I could go for with my eye shape! Initially she suggested a really dollish-looking design… AKA super volume + curl. However I’m not quite there yet… And she was totally cool with it!

Instead of doing whatever I usually do, she made some suggestions where both her recommendation and what I’m used to can meet in the middle. Which was really great!

  • Glue Is Of Decent Grade

I have super sensitive eyes! So I’m quite careful on where I go to get my lashes done.

The glue used hardly stung at all. I admit it did make me tear and I needed to have the fan blasting at my eyes for a longer time – but it wasn’t too bad, really.

  • Lashes Lasted Longer Than Expected!

The usual norm is for the lashes to last quite perfectly till 2 weeks, then it will start to drop off.

These lashes lasted quite well through my entire trip of 2 weeks! And lets not forget I wasn’t really taking care of them very well during that time.

So I was really quite impressed!

  • Nice Location!

Like I said, it’s tucked away in Bugis. 🙂 Which is really convenient and lots of other stuff to do nearby! So it was easy to make plans after I was done with my lashes.

  • Pricing Is Average

Not a good bargain, if I’m honest. But it’s not notoriously expensive either.

  • After-Sales Service

In all fairness, I’m assuming this is because they are new so they want to gather testimonials and all. But after I was done, Peggy (the owner) contacted me and asked me if I’m happy with my lashes and all that. It’s really quite refreshing to know that staff in a beauty parlour would call to ask about my satisfaction instead of when I want my next appointment.

TA-DA! Apologies for the quality. Taken in very bad lighting in the washroom… ^^’

So overall my rating on True Eyelash Beauty is…

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ (out of 5)

It’s really quite a nice place! 🙂

Contact Details
Mobile: +65 8651 9067
WeChat: teyelash
Address: Bugis Cube, 470 North Bridge Road (S188735), Unit 05-15

Have a lash-ilious time, ladies! And don’t hesitate to ask for “Angeline”. 🙂 She’s very skilled!




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