Product Review: Shiseido Perfect Watery Oil Makeup Remover

Greetings, everyone! It’s been a mighty long time, yes? I still have some travel entries to do from my trip to Japan – but for now, we will be taking a short break from all my worldly rendezvous and look at my other love… beauty.

And I’ll be sharing my reviews on this particular product – Perfect Watery Oil Makeup Remover by Shiseido!

Is it overly oily?

Not at all! Well, it is watery… Even after using it, my face doesn’t feel oily one bit.

With just tap water, you can easily rinse off all product from your face. Unlike many other makeup removers!

Does it remove makeup well?

That’s the problem here…

I really wanted to like this product, but it disappointed me greatly. 😦 I basically used 2-3 pumps and rubbed it all over my face, then I used water to rinse.

To test the cleanliness, I used a wet cotton pad to wipe my face – and there was still makeup left on my face. So I decided to pump it directly onto a cotton pad and clean.

Believe it or not, it took me three rounds to clean my face thoroughly. And no, I don’t wear thick makeup. I just had BB Cream on! It removes super easily, even with just makeup remover wipes.

So yes, it feels like nothing on the skin. But really, it does nothing much either. :/ And in full honesty, I don’t have so much time nor patience to do repeated cleaning every night.

Will I buy it again?

Nope. Sorry. Shiseido is one of my favourite beauty brands, but this one simply doesn’t work for me.

My Verdict:

❤ (out of 5)
Seriously, wtf were they thinking with this??

After trying it out for over a week, I got fed up and moved onto another product.

Any awesome makeup removers to recommend? Let me know! 😀


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