Why Attached Friends Make The BEST Or WORST Friends

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We all have that friend who was once upon a time super close to you when he/she was single or just flinging around – then as time went by, decided to be in a serious relationship. And then they start to drift away…


Now, because you’re all-so-mature… You realise that time, love and energy is going to be divided now.

However friends who are attached can really either be your best friend or worst one.

With one very simple reason:

You will know clearly how much you really matter to them.

You might or mightn’t agree with me – but I feel that the only reason why people have relationships (friends/lovers/family) is because inside we all want to have someone who we can count on anytime.

Someone who loves us and likes us (they’re very different).

Someone who was past-tense, is present-tense and will be future-tense.


So once someone is in a serious relationship, it is safe to say that the lover fills us that void. Which means to say, your friendship might no longer be mandatory.

But it’s also a great time to know just how important you are to that friend – or rather, whether or not you’re really a friend; not just a temporary-filler for the void.

He/She Sacrifices Cuddle-Time For Time With You


When your friend still meets up with you after being attached, you know you still matter.

Sure, it won’t be as regularly as last time – but keep in mind that they now have someone who they are hoping to build a home & future with, yet they still choose to spend precious time with you!

It Matters To Him/Her What You Think Of The Boyfriend/Girlfriend

They will introduce you at least once to their significant other. Be it formally over a meal or very casually.

Simply because your friendship is a part of their lives and you simply must be involved in this huge decision in their lives!


They Don’t Shun You If The Boyfriend/Girlfriend Doesn’t Like You 

This isn’t a perfect world – sometimes their significant other might not fancy you too much for a mountain of reasons. But your friend will still make the effort to stand up for you and still build your friendship.

It won’t be easy for your friend, but it’s how much your friendship means to him/her.


Unless the reason to dislike you is totally legit… Then I guess you had that coming anyway.

He/She Doesn’t Keep On Trying To Squeeze In The Boyfriend/Girlfriend Into Your Outings

Because your friend understands that your friendship is as private as their relationship.

Friends need their time alone as well! And your friend should remember that as much as he/she is a lover; he/she is also your friend.


He/She Will Not Talk About Their Relationship Whenever You Meet 

Like, seriously. If you guys can talk about nothing else, then there’s really no point in meeting at all. Because the whole time he/she is just amplifying how much they’d rather be with someone else.

Sure it’s cool to swoon or rant a little – but revolving all conversational topics around their relationship is just selfish and you’re better off without such a friend.


He/She Won’t Try To Make You Feel Jealous About Their Happiness 

Friends who are really your friends won’t see you as competition. It’s normal to admire a friend who seems to have something better, but once it is seen as a quest to be conquered… Well, it’s not real friendship.

They won’t go gloating on about how they have something you don’t; how they are having it better than you and you should be envying them. It’s just wrong!  

It really just seems like they were jealous of you in the first place. So the friendship was toxic to begin with.


Valuable relationships are about building each other, not breaking each other apart.

When He/She Is With You, The Warm Feeling Of Friendship Didn’t Change

…not one bit. ❤


Agree with me? Or feel like I’m wrong? Let me know in the comments below. 🙂


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