11 Reactions Singaporeans have to the Haze

Yes, it’s that time again. The Haze…

For the benefit of those who aren’t too sure – basically every now & then for the longest time, Singapore undergoes a period of haze (basically air pollution) for a period of time because our dear neighbour, Indonesia, decided to go on a forest burning spree.

And this isn’t a world whereby we could just get really fed up with an inconsiderate neighbour, look for another place with nice people who will bake you apple pies, pack up & leave.

Sadly, these are geographical neighbours… Nothing can be done about moving. :/

So here’s how some of us Singaporeans have been reacting towards the situation.

#1 When the air started to get a little bit suspicious-looking… 

As Singaporeans, we are no stranger to the haze. And after the especially bad episode in 2013, we’ve gotten quite wary of this whole haze jazz.

giphy (1)

#2 When we look out the window to the gorgeous view…


…without the cooling weather.

Take photos for Instagram; #nofilter.

#3 When we take a breath of air at PSI 150+…

“Oh God… Oh God…”


#4 When we take a breath of air at PSI 300+…



#5 When we breath through our N95 masks…



#6 When we see the news like this from Indonesia…

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 1.14.44 am


#7 Primary & Secondary school kids when school was closed…

Suddenly the haze isn’t so hated anymore…


#8 Tertiary kids who still had to go to school…


#9 Adults who wish HR might announce a day off…


#10 When Indonesia’s own PSI hit 2000… 

How do they even live in that kind of condition?!

giphy (2)

#11 Singaporean’s general feelings towards Indonesia…

Seriously, enough is enough.


Ugh. Feeling so unwell and my skin is breaking out. 😦


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