DuSol Beauty: Finally Going Blonde

Through my coloured-hair- years, I’ve mostly stuck with rather safe colours like dark brown, brown… The most daring I went was red! But to be honest, that didn’t really complement my skin tone too well. 😦

However I was totally blown away by how DuSol Beauty managed to pick out a shade which I had no idea would work for me! This South Korean hair salon is owned by Koreans and hair stylists are Korean as well!

Looking at my “Before”… I’m soooo glad that it’s over. My colours were all over the place!

And it wasn’t the ‘effortlessly stylish’ sort of mess. It was just a mess.

Meet my beloved hair stylist – Sia! From Ulsan, she moved to Singapore to be a hair stylist some months back. Super lucky to have had this tall glass of water as my stylist. 😉 She’s tall, slim and gorgeous – she’s single too, guys! Hehe.

Sia is simply amazing… She actually studied my complexion and customised a shade that would best suit me!

DuSol Beauty has another cool feature.

To protect customers’ eyes from any splattering whatsoever, they stick on this plastic face shield on your forehead! So intrigued when Sia pasted it on me.

And because my hair colours were all over the place… Sia did double bleaching for me. Not once – but twice! How thorough is that. Once simply wasn’t enough for the colours to really pop!

And because of the intense damage caused by bleaching (and double at that), Sia insisted that I had treatment done. It was super comfortable – massage & steam for the head… I fell asleep in this photo.

Looks like I died or something though… Ah well.

So about a week later, I had returned for some follow-up action! Mainly – more treatments! This time I had the DEESSE’s [L.M] 3 + 1 treatment and I’m in love.

The super thorough steamings and expert massages… ❤ I actually felt headaches that I forgot about melt away~

Aaaaaaand… Ta-dah! Sia even cut see-through bangs for me. 🙂

I was super hesitant at first because I didn’t really have a pleasant experience with bangs years back… but Sia totally put my mind at ease.

Completely evenly-coloured; healthy & well-nourished… It was one of those moments when I felt my hair was the best-looking thing I had. ❤ ❤

Left the salon feeling like a million bucks and it was all thanks to Sia! ❤ Crazy love her.

Anyone wanting to do anything with their hair, I fully recommend Sia!

DuSol Beauty Hair Salon
Location:6 Scotts Road, Scotts Square #B1-19, Singapore 228209

Contact: +65 6443 2582, 6538 3977

Thanks for reading! ❤


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