5 Reactions Boyfriends Have to Korean Dramas

Lately I’ve been watching quite a bit of Korean dramas in my free time.

And while I’m loving it, Mark isn’t so much… Then when I share with some of my girlfriends, I find boys have this standard template of reactions to give when their girlfriends watch Korean drama.

Well, maybe just about any drama actually.

#1 “This NEVER happens in real life!”


Okay, we’re not stupid – we know that such things don’t happen in real life.
…but you never really know, right?

#2 “Don’t expect me to do what that guy just did.”


I didn’t even start hoping! Sheesh.

But I won’t deny that if he did something like that, hypothetically speaking, that I would reject such romantic gestures… Rather I would encourage it!


#3 “It’s the same thing! Guy A loves Girl A, but she loves Guy B. So Guy A is just at the background supporting her while she runs to Guy B!”


Granted most Korean dramas tend to have this skeleton… BUT they have significantly different plot lines here & there! Which is what makes it exciting!

#4 “How do you tell the actors apart? They all went for the same plastic surgery.”


You can! You just CAN! They still look very different!

#5 “You’re watching ANOTHER drama? We both know roughly the same things happen!”


I don’t even bother with this one.

It’s only fair, really. He spends his free time reading 9gag or clicking the brains out of some avatar in his computer games – I’m entitled to my own leisurely activities. 😀

Anyone know of any awesome Korean dramas for me to watch? I love those romantic-comedies!



3 responses to “5 Reactions Boyfriends Have to Korean Dramas”

  1. Oh my ghostess! It’s really funny and sweet and different 🙂

    I also just finished kill me heal me.

    Right now I’m watching She Was Pretty.


    • Haha! I just finished that one!

      Really not like the typical dramas around, right? It was super touching! I cried like a baby! Especially for her father. WHY SO SAD!


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