9 Reasons Why City Harvest Church Was the Devil To Me

I’ll probably receive some flak from City Harvest people – but through my years I’ve learnt that all they know is to spout out loud their blinded ‘opinions’.

People: They’re not opinions if you were brainwashed into it; that just makes it an influence over a weak mind.

I dare say this.
Why? Because I was one of them.

It was quite a number of years back, when I was still in secondary school. To be honest, I didn’t grow up in a happy home and endless hopes of getting out of my abyss was just part of my daily routine. While there were others who asked me to join their ‘gangs’, I didn’t want my daddy to look down from Heaven and be disappointed that he didn’t live long enough to love & protect me.

Soon enough I was invited to City Harvest Church and was quite intrigued by their style of worship. At that time, Charismatic churches weren’t very well-known in Singapore. So when songs had strong beats, fast rhythms and people grooving to them – it all seemed really new.

And deep down I wanted to believe that maybe, just maybe… They were the family that I lost. Oh, how stupid I was.

It wasn’t too long before the whole hype of their music tuned down a little and other ugly things started to sprout.

Disclaimer: Whatever I share here is entirely my own experiences and from my perspective, which can be limited. So if you experienced anything otherwise or feel that I’m spouting nonsense – you’re welcome to leave. Thank you.

First, I’ll start with offerings.
Quite a norm of the church, yes? So unlike the typical church that lets you put in the money into the little pouches and pass it on – they make you put the money into envelopes, then you put it into the pouches.

I didn’t think too much about it at first, but slowly I began to question – “Why was there this need?” Honestly it just didn’t make sense to spend money printing envelopes with the logos, etc. And the manpower spent inserting those envelopes to every newsletter (granted free labour, anyway).

Then one day I thought to myself, “It just seems like they want to obligate you to give. You were given a wrapping for a present; so therefore you feel you ought to give the present. It is also a way to monitor how much an average person gives during service. So why is there this obligation when it’s supposed to be freewill?”

So the next service, I tried something out – I didn’t give an offering. Oh, badass! 😀

Then my mentor (everyone is assigned one) looked at me when I just passed the pouch over, asking me why didn’t I give an offering. I said I have no more money left for the week, so can’t give anymore. After which, she gave a very disapproving glare.

After service at fellowship (dinner), the cell group leader requested to speak to me. He said he was informed that I didn’t give an offering because I had no more money left. Then he told me it was my duty to put aside money for God every week, it was to show God my love and sincerity in worshipping Him. 

HAHAHA! Okay, I’m sorry. Right now I’m just laughing at how pathetic it sounds. But he really did say that! And at that age, I actually thought I did something gravely wrong to God. I failed to realise that it was between me & God.

The following week onwards, they monitored if I gave offerings closely. Even with the friendly reminder before service started.

Second, tithings.
Somewhere in the bible it says something about giving God 10% of your fortune or harvest… Truthfully quite vague about this. I just know the 10%.

So then every month, you’re supposed to give 10% of your salary/allowance to the church – on top of offerings.

“Whatever you have, actually belongs to God. Even your money. But God is so magnanimous that He only wants 10% of it.” Remember those words crystal clear.

So like I said, I didn’t grow up in a happy home. Sometimes my remaining parent would not give me money or take what little savings I had – sometimes I had no money to even eat. Therefore giving away 10% was asking a lot of me.

And on those envelopes that give you for offerings are forms as well. There you will fill up your name, cell group number, contact number and amount you are giving for your tithe.

Yes, they monitor your tithings.

So quite a few times my cell group leader said he was notified that I didn’t give my tithing for this month, or my tithing seemed significantly lesser than usual.

Again – I bought into it and felt like I could do better for God. I failed to realise I wasn’t chasing God; I was stupidly chasing their approval for God knows what reason.

Third, pledging monies.
Everyone should know more or less that the church has building funds. I was there when they just moved to the church in Jurong, near NTU. It was entirely brand new, nice facilities with obviously pricey construction. “Nothing but the best for God,” they said.

Then before I knew it, they had new ideas to build a stadium of some sort. Citing the rapid growth of church members as a reason. There was about a 20 to 30 minute speech on how we should contribute to building the house of God.

Nice words, eh? House of God. So of course I’d want to help! Pledge money that I rely on getting occasionally from concerned relatives? Sure!

What an idiot I was.

And the best part was that they even set a benchmark of how much they encouraged each church member to give. If I remember correctly, it was about $200 a month.

My mentor even sat down with me to plan out how I can somehow give $200 every month – on top of 10% tithing and very compulsory offering… to build the house of God.

Then I started to think, “Am I just here to give them free money; buying the illusion of a family that I crave for?”

Fourth, God the investment banker.
Every time before offering, we were told this – if you give to God, God will give you back 10 times.

So even if you do not have much money, just give what little you have… And somehow God will multiply it and give it back to you.

They preached that God wants all of us to be rich. And also that “where your treasure is, there your heart will be also”. So therefore – to show your sincere love to God, you must give him your money.

I tried asking what if my treasure isn’t money? Then they said, “The bible meant money.”

Fifth, bringing in new people.
Every week we are expected to always bring in new people to service. ALWAYS expected to.

They even presented charts of who brought in new people and who didn’t. Those who didn’t were mildly humiliated, of course.

But it was really difficult and rather ironic. When I had too many close friends outside church, they were unhappy and told me that it was ungodly influence. I should surround myself with spiritual people.

Oh, but still must have a good enough relationship with these non-spiritual people to convince them to come to a religious event.

There was this time my mentor called another cell group member and myself to her house. There, she sat us both down and made us call each and every person on our handphone contact list – asking them to come to church. ‘No’ is not an answer.

If they were sick, we’d give a mask. If they were not free, plan the following weekend or the next. If they were not willing, ask why until they couldn’t give a legit reason.

I don’t know how many people I pissed off, how many friends I lost that day… but I know that month my phone bill was really high. 😦 And those people I called became even more guarded against anything to do with Christianity.

When we didn’t manage to get people, she scolded us. When I said this isn’t the right thing to do, she said I was being selfish and not sharing salvation. When my cell group member managed to get someone, they both said I didn’t care about this hard enough.

Then I asked, “What’s the point of bringing in people who are unwilling? Won’t this just shut their hearts to God even more when you force them like this?”

Needless to say, I was rebuked for not having child-like faith.

Sixth, accountability.
Basically what happened here was my mentor was to be kept informed of my whereabouts at all times.

After school, what I was doing… Who I’m hanging out with… It was a tad invasive.

And I wasn’t allowed to meet boys. Other church members in the school were to tell immediately if any of us did something the church won’t approve of.

I was in a girls’ school, but somehow I still got to know boys through friends or sometimes the Internet. However I wasn’t allowed to go out with boys because they do not approve of it. And according to them, I cannot start dating till I turned 21.

And when I asked the cell group leader, “Then why did you start dating your girlfriend at 16?” I was rebuked and told not to question my leader.

There was once I met this boy after school for a movie, it was supposed to be with another girl but she had to go home. So it was just the both of us. A cell group member in school saw and immediately informed our mentor, of which I quickly got a phone call to ask me what in the world I was doing.

Next service, I was rebuked again and I actually felt guilty for it even though I knew clearly he and I were just good friends.

I tried reasoning with my mentor that it didn’t start out this way, that the other girl was suddenly called to go home.

“Oh what a coincidence. How do I know that you’re speaking the truth? You always had boys, so maybe this was your way to go on a date. If it really wasn’t a date, you would’ve left when the other girl left as well. You don’t respect yourself.”

Seventh, buying Sun Ho’s albums.
Ah, everyone’s favourite.

So our pastor’s wife wanted to enter the music industry to preach the Word of God. Using songs to lead the people honestly didn’t sound like a bad idea.

Then it got to her albums. Every single person in church had to have her album. It was compulsory, really. If you didn’t have her album, then you don’t love your church family. And back then we still used portable CD players. Everyone was supposed to have the CD in their bags.

It seemed quite ridiculous to me at this point. Especially when they pushed us to buy several albums at service. Yes, several copies of the exact same album. Why? To give Sun Ho the support to spread the Word of God.

Everyone had to buy at least 3 to 5 albums. Cell group members collected money from the members to buy the albums. And told them to give the albums to other people to spread the Word.

Slowly, the number of albums each church member had to buy was increasing. Pastors and cell group leaders kept on pushing and pressurising everyone to buy the albums. It got to a point whereby another cell group member actually sold his car in order to buy more albums.

Eighth, Sun Ho’s crossovers.
True to her word, she did go overseas and preached the gospel through her concerts. She would sing some songs, share her testimony and call on people to receive Jesus as their one true saviour.

Every now and then we were shown numbers of souls she saved – tens of thousands at a time.

Then I asked, “Do these people have a church to go to, to continue building their relationship with God?”

“Not sure. We already shared the Word with them. It’s up to them now.”

“But without a spiritually supportive environment it’s easy to lose faith. Won’t they then be condemned to hell for knowing the Word but not believing in it?”

Yup. Got rebuked again.

Ninth, outcasting.
Back then there was a man (yes, Mr Roland Poon) who told the public about the church forcing members to buy Sun Ho’s albums, of which he was fiercely dealt with in church. His cell group leader and mentor rebuked him to no end, his cell group members ostracised him.

Of which then he was pressured to give a public apology to the church and was definitely treated differently. And to give due credit, Kong Hee did announce in service to forgive and accept him back.

However this social outcasting happened to me when I started asking questions. I started mentally calculating how much money the church was making (10% tithe + offerings of $2 at a conservative amount of per pax), it gave me a rather high number. After thinking through it all, I realised every month the church should have a bit of money left after operational costs. Then why did they constantly ask for money all the time?  So how much were they paying the pastors? What else are they spending on? Shouldn’t the leftover money be put into the church’s own building fund, instead of asking for more from the people? Wasn’t the money given to God, for God’s people?

They also showed how well Sun Ho was doing overseas – claiming she was popular in Taiwan and America. Showing us hit charts where she was #1. To me, if she was so popular… Then why did the church make everyone buy about 9-12 albums each to support her? So with the help of the Internet, I went to look around. Only to find that every weekend I was buying into a scam. I chatted up some Americans on IRC and asked about Sun Ho, where 100% response I got was along the lines of, “Who the f**k is that?”

They said the money goes to God. Fantastic. So tell me, do you actually give the money to God? I’m sure our Earthly money means to nothing to Him, who is in Heaven. So if you don’t actually give the money to God… What on Earth do you spend on that you deem worthy enough to be ‘God’?

It was just downright ludicrous.

If they did things the public disapproved of, they’ll say that Jesus also faced this and they need to move on. The devil was fighting against them. Resistance meant they were doing the right thing.

If they did things the public approved of, they’ll shout Hallelujah and how they are bringing God to the world.

In full honesty, they did very good marketing right there. They brainwashed the people into believing every single thing they did, no matter what other facts might state. The people in the church aren’t the bad guys – they were just steered the wrong direction.

To me, I saw the devil doing an excellent job there. I saw so many people leave and strongly shutting their hearts away from the very idea of God. And I saw how those people in church don’t worship God; they worship Kong Hee and the prosperity gospel they’re fed.

Feeling frustrated and powerless, I left and prayed, “God, if You do exist – please save these people.”

I’m thankful for the strength Mr Roland Poon found to stand up for what he believes in, despite all the opposing forces. And I’m glad that at least there’s a little justice out there.

9 Reasons Why City Harvest Church Was the Devil to Me
Photo Credit: Channel NewsAsia


559 responses to “9 Reasons Why City Harvest Church Was the Devil To Me”

  1. I attended CHCKL for 3 years.

    I first came to their Strictly Students service back in 2013. Everyone was very welcoming to you because you are their ‘new friend’. They will then pass you a card where you have to feel in your details. People there are very fake. Hypocrites are everywhere. Constant comparing on clothing is one of it too. People there are wearing clothing which is not suitable for a church every weekend (as if they are going for a ball or club).
    People let you down. Always ‘promoting’ certain individuals for God knows why. I took a step and i quit CHCKL.


  2. 1.A biblical church involves at least two people gathering together in the name of Jesus. “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them” (Matthew 18:20), which means it doesnt involve a physical building. A church service can be held at rented halls or convention centres, Spending 300Million on a building just for church people to attend church service really blows my mind.
    2.Offerings, tithings, pledging monies, the way they collect money is really daylight robbery. Better to donate to beggars or charities, at least you know where your money went.
    3.if you give to God, God will give you back 10 times. This is obviously prosperity gospel.
    4.Christians do not force people to go to church.
    5.As a christian we should live a christ-like life. Did Jesus stalk all of his followers?

    I feel sad for those people that are fully brainwashed by konghee. if konghee asks his followers to jiak sai they sure will jiak.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. There are many will say Lord Lord but not from.the Lord you will know them.by deeds and fruits of The Holy Spirit be alert many are disguise.pray God want tithes from the heart not by force even.not 10%but from the heart like that widow.woman who gave her last 2 coin. Its a season of lent forgive and do good live a holy life even in circumstance so calledhard life be grateful To GOD ALWAYS


    • Yes, false prophets or wolves in sherp’s clothing! I am dealing with one who has been pressuring me to go to HRock; I have stated categorically no each time, but my refusals andcreasons are always rejected as I do not want to connect with God and am trying to avoid attending church- by the way , when I talk of returning to my church pr a mainline church, it is always rejected out of hand! Thos person just keeps on repeating the same stuff over and over again.

      i fear that my family has been sucked into much the same church. in Oregon. My mother and I could never understand why my brother did not seem to have much money on him, and why his life and the lives of his family were so shrouded in secrecy. My sister in law was always trying out churches and as I see it was vulnerable to such organizations. When I was in contact with him, I called one day only to discover, he was moving from his house as he said due to monetary teasons.
      Now with this individual in my midst who appears to know far more about my family and the stste of my brother, I think I understand! It is all about the money; yes I own a small house; yes, I am hard working with some assets. In other words I could be a target, and most probably my family could have been isolated from me! I am very concerned as when I call the landline, I receive the message thst it has been disconnected.

      By the way, he and my sister in law ate not poor by any means! When I visited years ago, both would preach a radical Christianity that I could never figure out.


  4. I get to know CHC in 2006 and joined them in early 2007. 10% tithing is alright for me but my cell group leader never pressure us to donate exactly 10%. I left the church around early 2010 because i felt more and more disconnected with the way the church run. I remembered there was an occasion when they reward those cell group leaders with handphone each, i questioned in the back of my mind why they can spent it when they are still collecting church building fund. Next there is a feedback form for members and interviewing on each of us, also a feedback form to be filled on our cell group leader. This becoming obvious that they are running like an organisation more than church. Though I meet some of the friends there and i believe the goodness and sincerity in them. It is also hard for me to leave but i give them the reason that i was busy working on multiple projects during my university year 2. Until the saga exposed then i know they had used the church building fund for the crossover project.


    • There are 3 things to Watch Out in a Church especially Independent Non Traditional Non Main Line Churches founded by in most cases a Charismatic Person or Persons.

      1. Theology.
      2. Personalities.
      3. Organization.

      Tithes must be Given Knowingly Willingly and Cheerfully for God Loves a Cheerful Giver. There should not be coercion. Tithes must not be monitored. Its between You and God. No One Should Tell You that You are Not Giving Sufficiently. Such Practices are Highly Irregular.

      Your Life should not be Monitored or Sanctioned by Your Church Cell Leaders. Sounds like Stalinist Soviet Russia. Another Highly Irregular Activity.

      Douglas Zhu from Traditional Mainline Church with more than 300 years of History.


  5. I’ve read most of your feedbacks and I was trap in the same situation when I was much younger. Young and naive. Won’t blame myself coz my mum past away when I was 4 and I had no quidance. Long story short,

    I’m now a Buddhist. They do not ask anything of me. Donations or offerings. Give as u wish, the amount is always at your own discretion. Give a dollar or 5 or even 10, no one has ever given the look of too little or even a big smile for too much. Nobody will discriminate or judge you. In general, I feel at peace.

    My beliefs is that there is only one God. May it be Christians, Muslims or Buddhist or Hinduism etc….. This is my belief…. IApologise if I have offended anyone at all.


  6. I encounter the same thing as you. I must the 10% tithing which is $5 every month half of my allowance per week. I need bring my friends to the church every week. I was there for 3 years from 1998 to 2000. All my friends were afraid of me as every week i want to bring them to church. I pledged a amount to build the new church at Jurong West and cannot fulfill as back them I am focusing on my O level. So my mum asked me to quit the part-time job and I had no income. The female Cell leader said I sinned against GOD. I feel so stupid What u expect from A Secondary student to pay in the building fund back then. So happy I left after my O level and never step in to their Church anymore.


  7. There were many believers who attended City Harvest eventually left and attended new creation church. There the 2 Churches have different approached n welcome new believers. You have to listen n judge yourself with God wisdom gave to you.


  8. I agree that if you attend any church :
    1) Whatever tithes / offerings you give to the church – is between you and God. No one in the church is to question or even instruct you on how much to give.
    2) No one should be forced to bring people to church.
    3) Cell group leaders are allowed to monitor and /or reprimand anyone on their personal lives.
    4) Church members must never be forced or instructed to make compulsory purchases of any kind.
    If you experience any of these, know that these are not what is practiced in a legitimate church. Be careful.
    If anyone wants to spread the gospel through music – do you need to live in a multi million dollar house at Sentosa Cove, wear Giorgio Armani outfit and live in one of the most expensive areas in L.A,. – the Beverly Hills???? That rings a lot of alarm bells!!!


  9. It is the Devil’s plan to create false religions, and also to confuse people what a Christian church actually is. CHC belongs to the latter. Don’t lose faith in God just because these minions of Satan are creating chaos but find a proper church that is true to the bible and true to God.
    Don’t lose sight of God and don’t lose heart.


  10. Hi I’m writing a book on this. I was born into a Methodist church and so I know my bible very well. I used to be a member for a year when I was 17 and then I went abroad. When I came back to SG 7 years after I was ready to rejoin and then when I attended, the spiritual atmosphere was completely off, I heard God tell me to leave!!! They did ask me to reattend.

    Subsequently I met a lot of scammers from this church. They are not God’s people and I encourage you to find the real God!!!

    I believe God is trying to say something. If anyone who has attended is willing to talk to me for research for my book, pls email me at singaporeminimalist@gmail.com be glad to buy a cup of coffee to understand more.


    • I would like to say I didn’t ever go back but I would like to know what happened between 1999 when I left to 2007.

      Also I really did meet a lot of scammers after from this church. thanks!


  11. Anyone who knows how City Harvest church was scammed & still believe in what that shitbag Kong Hee preaches, must be idiots. Kong Hee’s arsehole has more genuine than his tongue. Arseholes do not lie because they are arseholes ! Kong Hee is a fraud & a first degree cunt. Kong Hee has been masturbating false messages all along & its good that he is going to jail. He can press his arse & feel his cock in jail ! Or perhaps wedge a vibrator up his arsehole !


  12. A big bunch of fucked up frauds at City Harvest. Abusing Christianity for their own gains. Arseholes, all of them at City Harvest.


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