Product Review: Sephora Color Reveal Lip Balm

For the longest time I never knew how some girls pulled off their lipstick shades so flawlessly… Like, they just look gorgeous. Whilst most of the time I just look like I got bitten by a poisonous snake… *sobs!*

While doing my regular browsing in Sephora, I spotted this little one here.

In a super unassuming design, it looks like just about any other lip product. But what really caught my eye was when it said that it adjusts to your unique pH to give you a customised shade of pink!

I just looked at my friend and went, “Legit not?”

But I knew I was bagging it home anyway – simply had to try!

It’s basically lip balm (chapstick) with a light shade of pink to it.

So here are my photographed results!

So I was honestly quite skeptical about it… but pleasantly surprised! 😀

The shade is natural & healthy-looking. My lips still look dry.. but to be fair, they’ve been peeling like crazy during the haze. So this is already not bad. Heh. Plus I love how there’s no strong ‘balmy’ smell!

This baby is awesome for normal daywear and ladies, don’t ever underestimate how your lips look. With the right shade, your kissers can really change how your face looks. 😉

Crazy love this product. Thanks, Sephora! Muah! ❤


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