First Steal Utensils, Then Create Scandal On Cockroaches

Just on Boxing Day, I saw this Facebook Post on my feed.

Super long – but felt it was worth the read.

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 10.32.58 pm

Long story short:

Family goes to hawker for a meal. They needed more utensils, daughter goes to another stall to get them. Stall told her to put the utensils back as she didn’t buy from their stall. Daughter cries. Father said he would complain to NEA (government authorities) that the stall has cockroaches, which is a fabrication.

Many people got enraged when they read the Facebook post, because he is the prime example of Singaporeans that have this elitist mindset – whereby they think that being educated means being great.

In retrospect, it’s important to know what Andrea’s parents said/did to the little girl.

Before you start thinking I’m siding this diabolical excuse-of-a-parent; hear me out – we only see one side of the story.

Albeit regardless, if he really did say that he would make baseless complaints to NEA about this hawker stall simply because his brat couldn’t get what she wants – then he deserves a slap.

Mr Excuse-of-a-Parent,


You taught her it’s okay to lie & sabotage if she doesn’t get her way. 

Children are small; they’re small, whatever they do are in small actions. Whatever that happens now is merely a representation of her course of actions in future when she’s grown.

Now, some people might say that Andrea’s parents overreacted with this as it’s really a small matter. I think they were just protecting their stall; it might seem small now, but it can be accumulative.

You fundamentally taught her it’s okay to steal.

So basically she took something from Andrea’s parents without payment or permission – this sort of equates to stealing, don’t you think?

But then you went ahead to condone her behaviour and teach her to hurt people who are defending their livelihood.

You taught her that it’s okay to take what shouldn’t be taken. And if the person gets defensive, you cause trouble for them. What kind of ethics do you have?

You taught her that she’s above all this. 

Understand this – each hawker stall is a business on its own. They’re not under a collective organisation where they share everything.

It’s basically like buying a meal from McDonald’s, but going to Burger King for condiments. It’s quite literally taking money from Burger King, while leaving more profits for McDonald’s.

You also showed her that she was victimised and that she isn’t taking advantage of anyone. The fact is, she was.

You might think this is just a small matter, but trust me – the basic underline principle is there.

You taught her that people providing services are naturally below. Good luck with that theory, Singaporean. You do realise that Singapore is a service-based economy, yes? We have no land for agriculture or even much manufacturing.

So you’re actually teaching her that the fundamentals of being part of the workforce in Singapore is simply too good for her. Hmm.

You have put an impression in her mind that the truth doesn’t matter.

The truth was – you didn’t see any cockroaches in the store, did you?

The truth is – you’re the only pest around here now.

And your daughter knows that seeing cockroaches is a lie. But you’re going to fabricate it anyway, just to get the hawker uncle into trouble – just so that you can defend your daughter over a petty theft.

How does this work for you as a parent?

What kind of a person are you bringing her up to be?

You said it’s okay to report you as you’re not running a business like Andrea’s parents. 

As much as that might be true – but as much as they’re running a business, you’re also raising a human being.

Unlike a business, a human being’s worth is priceless. Much less your own child.

You just said it’s okay to sacrifice the underlying morals and ethics of your child, in place of causing trouble for a business.

Well done, I tell you. Well done.

You could’ve just wasted some taxpayers’ money. F**k you. 

If the complaint does go to NEA and if a check is carried out, simply because you gave a false tip… You just wasted man-hours of NEA personnels, which taxpayers pay for.


Years back this wouldn’t annoy me, but now I need to pay taxes. You wanker.

But going back to what I mentioned before – we’re still unsure about how his daughter was treated in order to react that way. The fact is, we don’t know if she was hurt by Andrea’s parents or that she’s just a brat.

Not to make quick judgements, but with a parent like him – I would say it’s the latter. #justsaying

XOXO, Gera. 

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