3 Reasons Why We Don’t Bother Saying Anything…

Some people would call it an Asian thing when we don’t say a word when we don’t agree with something.

Well, I know there are a few reasons why I just smile and don’t say anything…

mm hmm

…no matter how much I’m screaming in disagreement inside.


#1 I’m Just Being Polite

Maybe Asians tend to appear more polite because we keep quiet…


But really, half the time when I’m quiet… Is because I’d like to give a minimal basic respect for what you just said. Maybe you had your own share of experiences, knowledge…

At the very least your impeccable level of idiocy deserves some respect as well.

#2 The Energy Spent Explaining Why I Disagree Just Isn’t Worth It 

Because life is too short as it is. It’s simple math, really.

not worth it

And if I think you’re an idiot, there’s no way I’d bother spending any time trying to make you see my point-of-view – because to me, you might not even be able to comprehend it.

#3 I’m Simply Too Stunned By Your Stupidity To Say Anything

Just never thought anyone so dumb could exist.



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