#GeraTravels: “Are We Too Old For Disneyland??”

Yup, still in Japan! Right now in the outskirts of Tokyo and will be flying to Hokkaido tomorrow. *excited*

You can probably guess from my title… Today Mark and I spent our day at Disneyland!!! It’s one of those tourist-y things to do and we missed it out during our previous visit.

Somehow the Sun rises super early here… Guess that’s why they call it the Land of the Rising Sun. :/

Ha! No lah. Countries with four seasons tend to have it this way. Their Sun disappears on them a lot during winter, then it comes back rampant during spring. Probably going, “Did you guys miss me?? I know you all did during the cold, dark winter… So now I do overtime.”

Well, because the Sun rose early – I felt obligated to as well.
Mostly because I just couldn’t sleep anymore when it felt like it was late during the day. Why can’t I be this alive on normal work days? -_-

View from my room at 6AM this morning

After some rolling around my futon, freezing on the apartment balcony because I didn’t want to change out of my shorts… Mark and I got ready to make our way down to Tokyo Disney Sea!

We really weighed between Disneyland and Disney Sea… and most reviews were more inclined to Sea.

I remember choosing this apartment specially because its location is not only quiet (and cheap, lets not forget that)… but also it has a direct train line down to Disneyland/Sea! About 20-30 minute ride.

Having our breakfast before hopping onto the train!

When I asked him to strike a candid pose…
One-day train tickets!
Getting ready to board the magic train! ❤

They have some super gorgeous hotels! Omg. Look at this princess-looking place!

My Baymax

Those of you who love flowers like I do will really enjoy these! They also have such a lovely aroma emitting from them… Sigh.

Notice the ponchos and umbrellas? It was a wet day! Pretty quickly, Mark and I get drenched.

Within the hour, we decided to leave. Mainly because my boots weren’t made for walking… :/ So they were utterly killing me.

We just grabbed a FastPass ticket for one ride and went out to have lunch.

What’s FastPass? Well, it’s basically like booking an appointment for a ride. So you scan your park ticket at this machine, which will generate another ticket for you for that particular ride. It’ll give you a specific timeframe to come back to enjoy the ride. So you get to skip the queue! Pretty innovative and smart, I’d say.

But yes, simply walking in the rain and in boots… I was dying.

So we took the train out to reality for a bit. Mainly to do some shopping… I bought these AMAZING boots. So friggin’ comfortable, I love them so much. Everyone should go for Japan’s own Top Dry shoes! Cannot stand… SO AMAZINGLY COMFORTABLE!!! If only I can wear them in Singapore without being asked by everyone if I have a cold/fever or a mental problem.

Anyway, one of Mark’s favourite Japanese restaurants back in Singapore is Saboten. My mister loves his quality fried pork and the free flow of cabbage is his ultimate love.

So when he saw the ‘authentic’ one in Japan itself, he threw all other options out the window.


Now, my Japanese is rusty as hell. I can speak super little and hardly understand anything. I mostly read body language… Which in my opinion, is often more accurate than spoken languages… Heh heh.

Well, I’m also good at acting like I understand whatever people are saying.
When honestly my brain is just going, “Error 404. Word not found. No, wtf? What was that? Omg. Okay. Smile and nod. Just smile and nod!”

So I had Japanese curry…

And I was served this cup of iced water along with it. I obviously drank it…

What Mark told me later on was…. IT WASN’T MEANT TO BE DRUNK!!! Apparently the Japanese would wash their spoon in that glass to remove the thick curry, so the spoon won’t be dirty or something…

I Googled it… And some people claimed for it to be true! I asked a friend who has been living in Japan, he said it’s not true.

But I don’t know. If it was meant to be cleaning water… It was delicious! 😀

After some shopping and eating, we hopped our way back to Disney Sea! With my new pair of boots, I felt like I was ready to take on the world.

However the queues were crazy! At about 3 hours each… My FastPass which I got at 10+AM, asked me to go back at 3:40PM… Can you imagine the crazy loads of people?

The good thing was, the crowd comprised 95% of Japanese locals from different parts of Japan. So not much crude rowdiness from a particular group of tourists we all know too well and hate as well. (Was I subtle enough for this?)

I was thoroughly happy! Other than the FastPass ride, we didn’t get to sit any other ride. But it was okay… we walked around and enjoyed the sights! We were actually okay with it.

And Mark was getting tired every 10 minutes, we had to stop to take a sitting break. So I cannot imagine him having to stand in a queue for 3 hours.

Enjoying sights… Getting tired too quickly… It quickly dawned upon us…. “Omg dear, we’re getting too old for this shit.”


Okay, I shall distract myself with the beautiful sights.


Behold the Tower Of Terror! The one ride we managed to get the FastPass to.

The only terror involved was the queue we managed to escape.

And this is why Mark is an awful being.

Taking picture of me just being my usual happy self
Me: Oh, picture? I pose!
Me: Oei, why come so close? You even taking picture or not?
Me: I kill you.

SO AWFUL RIGHT! I viewed pictures to find he took everything! Annoying max, this Baymax.

The mastermind
During one of the many sitting breaks Mark had to take…

We didn’t even bother staying for the fireworks.

Mark bought me a mug because I needed one. And then we left.

And went to the supermarket, where I picked out ingredients to cook for dinner!

Tonight I prepared… Miso soup with golden mushrooms, beef and pork stew and bolognese-mushroom pasta.

Mark loves mushrooms. 🙂

My body is aching as well. Super tired out… I even bought some bath salts to soak! Yay!

And need to pack to get ready to head out tomorrow. 🙂

Till next time, guys!



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