Gorgeous & Cheap Glasses You’ll Love!

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Where do you usually get your prescription glasses?

I for one, usually headed to Queenstown Shopping Centre to pick a pair out. But since I moved, it’s a super inconvenient location for me. 😔

And to top things off, I just don’t want to spend so much money on my spectacles anymore.

  1. I don’t wear them everyday
  2. I lose them quite often
  3. …or they get broken by my fat cats

So spending 3-digits on a pair of spectacles that has a short lifespan isn’t entirely ideal for me. Being so, I’ve been on the lookout for somewhere that can give me cheap glasses!

Here’s where GlassesShop became my dream come true! 😍

They offer a wide range of super reasonably-priced glasses; they even have pretty sunglasses too!

What I really love about the online shop is that I get to ‘try’ the spectacles in the comfort of my own home! Took a picture of myself using my webcam and tried on practically all the designs… Best part was, didn’t have to feel pai seh like I normally would in an actual store. 😬

You also get to dictate how wide apart your pupils are! I’m guessing this way they can build the spectacles to more accurately fit your face.

And within a few days, my glasses arrived in the mail!

Light, quite sturdy and not-too-narrow! It’s a real feat; especially for an online store! Even the physical stores sometimes give me glasses that press against my temples. 😖 Just headaches waiting to happen!

Here, must take selfie with my glasses!

glasses, spectacles

And being my awesome reader 😚, you’ll get a huge discount of 50% off eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses!

Simply enter the code GSHOT50 and enjoy the discount!

Be happy, lovelies!


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