Liese Blaune Creamy Foam Color Review

I put it to the test – does it really cover the greys?

Many people already know – I have genetic pre-mature wisdom. AKA, I started growing white hair way too young. So I go for very regular hair dye appointments, but it can get quite troublesome sometimes to commit a couple of hours every month.

And I don’t really want to trouble anyone at home to manually do the colouring for me… 😔

So imagine my elation when I saw this advertisement!

The Liese bubble dye isn’t new in the market; I’ll admit they’re relatively easy to use and the colour comes out quite decently. But they don’t cover my whites at all.

So popped by my nearest Watsons and bought 2 boxes! (S$19.90 each)
I use 2 boxes because I have chest-length hair; 1 box is typically enough for shoulder-length hair.
And this range naturally comes in only darker shades! 🙂

Okay, so the real question everyone is asking here is… “Does it really cover the greys?”

Liese Blaune Creamy Foam Color Review

I didn’t take photos of my roots – but trust me, it was quite bad already. I was about 2 weeks late for my hair touchup, so my ‘wisdom’ was crazy obvious. 😩

Did the usual of mixing the provided formulas and rubbing the foam all over my crown!

Actually 1 box was quite sufficient for me this time, because the texture was a lot thicker than usual. I barely went through half of the 2nd box and my hair simply couldn’t hold anymore foam.

The stinging smell is still around, so make sure that wherever you use this has decent ventilation.

After 20 minutes, washed out the mountain of foam and…

I’m impressed!!!

My roots were very nicely covered! *claps* Which really intrigued me because when it’s a bubble dye, the colour tends to be more transparent and therefore ineffective at covering up whites/greys.

Liese Blaune Creamy Foam Color Review

My sole qualm was I didn’t get every part of my hair – which is no fault of the product. I’m just not too flexible I guess… Need to go back to yoga. Then I can reach anywhere!!! Muahaha.

Don’t know if you can see from this picture; there are some parts which are still a tinge of the golden brown I had previously.

Liese Blaune Creamy Foam Color Review

But still very happy with the product!

Liese Blaune Creamy Foam Color Review

So, does it really cover the greys?

Yup! It worked for me 🙂

I’m so glad that this product worked! I’ll still head to the salon now and then to get treatment done. Hair dying is super damaging and treatment is an absolutely must!

But this means that whenever I’m too busy or a little strapped for cash, I have this as a great alternative! 😍

Thank you, Kao!



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