The Secret Product to Comfy Eyes and Clear Vision!

Are you one of those people who find it impossible to have a pair of comfortable contact lenses?

I’m speaking to those who always have dry eyes or just cannot find a right fit.

I had no idea till recently; but apparently our eyeballs have different curves. Like maybe your eyeballs are rounder or flatter… So wearing the generic contact lens is simply not written in your DNA.

I’m like that. This is not an advertorial! I’m writing this blog entry because it took me FOREVER to find a pair that I could wear almost everyday and doesn’t cost a bomb.

And since I found such an amazing product, must share mah… 😉 My readers are an amazing bunch of folks!

Since my last eye infection, I swore off contact lenses. I’m a culprit of buying substandard contact lenses simply because they make my eyes look pretty… but like my grandma always said, “You don’t ai mei mai mia!” (Want beauty don’t want life)

After long hours of wearing those lenses, my eyes practically went, “F**k this shit, bitch. We’re not taking this shit anymore.” And I had to go A&E because my eyes were giving out so much discharge that I couldn’t open them. And even after 6 months of recovery, I couldn’t fit in any contact lenses! 😭 I bought brands like Acuvue, and my eyes started to sting even before I could step out of the house.

Utter nightmare okay!

So when I found MIRU… My life was transformed!!!

I actually didn’t really find any marketing from where I am, but I noticed them whenever I walked around Plaza Singapura. They no longer have a shop there though, rather have dealers around the island. Here yours here!

Y’know why I find my MIRU contacts rave-worthy? Let me tell you…

Since my infection I’ve had severely dry eyes! I’ve sworn off coloured contacts, but even other clear lenses start feeling dry within the first hour. 😱 However my MIRU contacts feel comfortable for a good 10 to 12 hours. 😍

And they fit really well because MIRU contacts come in different curvatures! The optician did some tests to pick which one fit me best. 😁 Which was really amazing! It was almost like a pair of customised lenses!

On top of everything, I really love MIRU’s automated logistics! So basically they have a system whereby they’ll send you about 3 months work of contacts. You leave a card number, and they’ll charge you only on a monthly basis. They even deliver the contacts with solution! So I don’t ever need to go down to the store to buy a new supply, because they get delivered to my home! 💕

Hope some of you found this recommendation useful!


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